On Sunday, Kamala Harris called for literal communism


Kamala Harris will take over the presidency once Joe Biden fails physically or mentally, whichever comes first. If she is going to be your president, basically appointed to the position, you should know that two days before the election, Kamala Harris fully endorsed communism on Sunday.

“Equality and equity are not the same thing,” Harris said in the clip below.

Comrade Kamala said that equality is not enough because “not everybody’s starting out from the same place.”

“Equitable treatment means we all end up at the same place,” she said.

This is literally Communism.

You redistribute all the wealth and make sure everyone has the same outcomes.


Communism always ends up the same way, with millions of dead people. It will appeal to the Bernie Bros.



During the debate, she called for the Green New Deal and no personal health insurance:

  • She called for silencing the President, claiming he is “irresponsible with his words,” adding he should be “suspended from Twitter.”
  • Harris supports open borders and has expressed concerns that people coming in illegally must be protected from deportation.
  • The California Senator believes in unending reparations.
  • The once-top cop of Cali believes in abortion to the moment-of-birth, perhaps after birth. She will block states from passing pro-life laws, giving even more power to the federal government.
  • Harris pushes free everything for all people here illegally, from free healthcare to Social Security to all benefits citizens have. Her bill that will enact these measures DOES NOT confirm any First Amendment rights. There are no conscience protections — none.
  • Kamala has called for children under 16 years of age to vote. She believes the Boston Bomber should be allowed to vote.
  • As part of her plans for America, all federal taxpayers will pay for raises for all public school teachers — a Democrat payoff to unions.
  • The woman has a far-left gender wage-gap plan for a gap that does not exist. Under a Harris administration, companies with 100 or more employees would be required to obtain an “Equal Pay Certification” from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
  • She hopes to disband the Electoral College.
  • Not only does she fully support the insane Green New Deal, but she was also a co-signer to the original AOC GND.
  • Harris plans to ban semi-automatic guns. If Congress doesn’t do as she says, she will do it via Executive Order.
  • The former top cop has said ICE is the
  • She plans to make taxpayers pay other peoples’ rent.
  • And she wants Universal Basic Income (UBI) and free cash for her select groups.


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