Biden Admin Issues Gender X Passports with No Need of Medical docs


The US State Department announced on Thursday that it will offer a third ‘X’ gender option on passports as of April 11. The passport change is one of many transgender policies rolled out by the Biden administration.

This is batsh*t crazy. Passports are meant to identify people. Gender is a very important measure of a person. How do they hunt for someone who is an “X”?

The “Xs” don’t have to show medical documentation that they are not male or female, according to Secretary of State Antony Blinken. That would be rather impossible anyway since there are only two genders.

Blinken’s statement noted that the ‘X’ stands for those with “unspecified or another gender identity,” a definition that Blinken said, “is respectful of individuals’ privacy while advancing inclusion.”

The US’s first gender-neutral passport was actually issued last October to transgenders without any medical paperwork. At the time, the Biden administration promised to give “non-binary” people a third gender option in early 2022.

Argentina, Canada, and New Zealand all issue similar gender-neutral passports, while more than a dozen other countries issue third-gender passports to intersex or non-binary people in some circumstances.

The State Department’s announcement came on ‘Transgender Day of Visibility’, a day for far-left Democrats to force their radical, Marxist ideas on Americans.

The Biden administration also boasted of measures aimed at “transgender children,” including promises to back “gender-affirming care.” In other words, provide treatments ranging from therapy to puberty blockers and surgery – for children.

Democrats just want to create chaos everywhere to destroy our past and who we are so we can as far-left lunatics. They’ve also come for the children. Who will protect them?

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