Biden admin legacy is the revenge slaughter of Americans and allies


The Taliban are executing former Afghan army and government officials, according to the UN human rights chief. The Chief played a widely-viewed video showing Panjshiri men being bundled into car trunks in Kabul.

As an aside, the Biden administration and the media are changing the subject to mandatory vaccinations. Don’t fall for it. His vile and destructive withdrawal, among other atrocities, is being ignored.

United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet told of “credible allegations” of reprisal killings by the Taliban.

Sources told the UN that former government soldiers are being rounded up, along with “people who cooperated with US security forces and companies.”

It’s quite convenient that the US gave the names and addresses of Americans, Green Card holders, and those who helped us while the embassy left their biometric data along with scanners. This way, no one can hide.

Four men were tossed into a car in this clip and are thought to be Panjshiris, an ethnic minority group that has long fought against the Taliban. These are war crimes committed by the ‘professional and businesslike’ Taliban.

As an aside, they beat drug addicts:

“Officials who worked for previous administrations and their family members [are] being arbitrarily detained,” Bachelet said. “In some cases, the officials were released, and in others, they were found dead.”

According to Iran International correspondent Tajuden Soroush, the footage was filmed in the Salang Wat district of Kabul and the men are ethnic Panjshiris.

An alliance of warlords is holding out against Islamist rule with no help from the US.

UN staffers have also reported increasing attacks and threats, she added, without providing specifics.

So, what is the UN going to do about it? NOTHING!

Ms. Bachelet also highlighted “deeply troubling information” about Taliban raids on offices of some advocacy groups.

“In contradiction to assurances that the Taliban would uphold women’s rights, over the past three weeks women have instead been progressively excluded from the public sphere,” she told the 47-member council as it opened its autumn session.

She said girls aged over 12 have been barred from attending school in some places in Afghanistan, and Women’s Affairs departments had been at times dismantled. Women are were beaten in front of a university.

What a shock to no one ever. They even brought back the ministry of vice and virtue, according to The Washington Post.

Over the weekend, footage emerged which appeared to show Taliban fighters beheading an Afghan soldier before holding his head aloft while chanting.

Other footage has shown militants beating and whipping people on the streets as reports emerged of targeted killings and fighters going door-to-door searching for blue U.S. passports. They are also beheading civilians.

Journalists have also complained of being kidnapped and beaten, though the Taliban insists it wants a free press to operate within the country.

The beheading footage emerged just days after Taliban militants executed the brother of one of the Afghan resistance fighters’ leaders.

The man, Rohullah Azizi, was the brother of Amrullah Saleh, the former Afghan vice president who became one of the leaders of anti-Taliban opposition forces in the Panjshir valley. He is now considered their President.

The National Resistance Front of Afghanistan, which groups opposition forces loyal to local leader Ahmad Massoud, has pledged to continue opposing the Taliban even after the fall of Panjshir’s provincial capital Bazarak.

Anyone who worked for the US or helped the US is targeted. That’s Joe Biden’s and his comrades’ legacy.

Lara Logan said journalists are also being targeted. She quoted one journalist, “I am in a very difficult situation…Every day, I hide like a prisoner with dozens of fears and worries about the Taliban. All my facilities, including my money, are running out. Please, before I am captured by the Taliban and die. help me.”

Americans and Green Card holders were abandoned.

Donald Trump, conservatives, and anyone who defies the left is dropped from Twitter, but Haqqani terrorists can use the platform for vile propaganda. @Jack and his traitorous staff should be dragged out in handcuffs.

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