Biden Admin Might Give Ukraine “Israel Status” – Forever Funding, Forever War


Is Ukraine about to become a Forever War and the 51st state? David Sachs reports in his new article at Responsible Statecraft, “Will Upcoming NATO Summit Launch a Forever War?”

It’s alarming to think of it. We are out of Afghanistan to get into a war with a nuclear nation as the US pushes on Russia’s red lines.

Sachs writes:

In preparation for a meeting of NATO allies in Vilnius next month, Secretary of State Blinken has been floating a proposal to give “Israel status” to Ukraine.

This consists of long-term security guarantees (which run for ten-year intervals in Israel’s case), including weapons, ammunition, and money “not subject to the fate of the current counteroffensive or the electoral calendar.”

In other words, America won’t reassess support even if the counteroffensive fails. Indeed, support won’t cease even if voters want to make a change in the next election.

“Some observers may see here a classic bait and switch. Last year, after Ukraine retook land around Kharkiv and Kherson, the American people were assured that the Ukrainians would complete the job in the spring and summer of 2023.

“This new Ukrainian counteroffensive would roll back Russian territorial gains, perhaps even threaten the Russian hold on Crimea, and thereby drive Moscow to the negotiating table and end the war.

“Many Americans supported the $100+ billion in appropriations for Ukraine on this basis. The implicit promise was that this was a one-time expense, not the baseline for an annual appropriation in a new Forever War.

“Now a difficult start to the counteroffensive coupled with a proposed multi-year deal at Vilnius makes clear that this was a lie or a pipe dream. But isn’t this what always happens?

“Administrations ease us into war with promises of quick and easy victory, and then once involved, tell us we can’t back out no matter the cost because American credibility is at stake. It’s Vietnam, Afghanistan, or Iraq all over again, except this time with a nuclear-armed adversary creating the heightened risk that the war could escalate into WWIII at any point.”

Does anyone really believe that Russia will tolerate this forever with the US going over red lines? We now have Poles fighting, conducting raids into Russia.

Not even kings could do what Biden and his staff are doing.

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