Biden Admin Panics As OPEC Cuts Production Before the Election


CNBC reports that Germany’s Economy Minister Robert Habeck said on Wednesday that the U.S. and other “friendly” gas supplier states, including the EU, charge astronomical prices for their supplies. It’s going to get worse as OPEC cuts production.

Habeck suggested some gas suppliers were profiteering from the fallout from the war in Ukraine, which has sent global energy prices soaring.

The real problem lies in the lack of petroleum thanks to sanctions and green energy radicalism.

Oil barrels are worth their weight in gold as OPEC cuts production and Biden ruins the US petrol industry.

We are losing Saudi Arabia. They are OPEC, just as NATO is the US, which Joe Biden and some anonymous people lead.

OPEC+ member states (including Russia) have agreed to an oil production cut of two million barrels per day, a statement published on the group’s website reads.

The reduction will take effect in November, the cartel announced on Wednesday.

According to OPEC, the step comes “in light of the uncertainty that surrounds the global economy and oil market outlooks, and the need to enhance the long-term guidance for the oil market, and in line with the successful approach of being proactive, and preemptive, which has been consistently adopted” by the group.

The cuts are much harsher than most experts had anticipated earlier this week and are now expected to stem the latest drop in global prices for crude.

According to CNN, some of the talking points drafted in a state of urgency by the White House suggested the potential cut would be viewed as “a hostile act” and a “total disaster.”

[They’re worried about the upcoming election.]

“There is great political risk to your reputation and relations with the US and the West if you move forward,” the media quoted the talking points draft as saying.


As Biden plays with possible global war, he is killing US petroleum production and emptying our emergency reserves through the election. It’s meant to fool Americans who don’t pay attention.


NATO is back to not paying up, especially Germany. Biden has us on the path to destroying NATO if the EU members get shaky when they start freezing this winter. However, without Nordstream, they will be US vassals until Biden completely kills fossil fuels. Then we will all go to ruination as Biden builds back better.


The pollster Eupinions conducted an EU-wide survey. It shows most Europeans still support measures to aid Kiev in its conflict with Moscow.

The results of the poll, conducted throughout June in 27 member states, were released on Wednesday.

They showed that 60% of the EU’s population were on board with sending weapons to Kiev, except for Italy. The backing for lethal aid was the highest in Poland, where 84% spoke in favor of it. It was the lowest in Italy – supported by just 42%.

“In fact, Italy is the only member state where a majority of citizens oppose the delivery of weapons,” the study pointed out.

Meanwhile, 60% of those surveyed believed that arms shipments to Kiev should be organized through EU mechanisms, while 54% preferred them to be carried out by their home countries.

A similar poll conducted in March showed that 64% of the bloc were in favor of arms deliveries.

Support for welcoming Ukrainian refugees has declined by 5% in the EU since March. It stands at 81%, according to the survey. It was the highest in Germany, Italy, and Spain (83%, 84%, and 90%, respectively), and the lowest in Poland (77%) and France (76%).

However, German Chancellor Scholz said they don’t want a direct war with Russia. That’s not what the EU signed up for.


Western newspapers say Ukraine is making great headway in several annexed areas of Ukraine. The papers say they broke through a defense line and went in about 20 Kilometers. RT says, “Attempts by Ukrainian forces to break through Russia’s defenses in Kherson Region have been thwarted. That’s according to the deputy head of the local administration, Kirill Stremousov.

The Russians admitted to a temporary breach.

Stremousov concluded by urging people not to give into a panic. Especially not because of what they hear and read on social media. “This is not Kharkiv, this is not [Krasny] Liman; we are holding the fence,” he proclaimed.

It’s impossible to know what is going on over there. Everybody lies.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

The socialist NWO Habeck is using the familiar “blame the corporations” ruse for what is caused by his leftist government associates. He is a leftist Greeny, he has full NWO credentials. He and his type are the problem.

If socialist Germany did not waste so much money on corrupt, junk programs it would have enough money to pay for its needs.

The West’s reputation is justifiably collapsing. I can understand nations wanting to reduce relations with the self-destructive, corrupt, weak, broke, immoral West. The propaganda in our junk pop culture media is too much. Russia, China and India are accumulating other allies, perhaps Saudi Arabia, maybe Brazil. Our media would have us believe Russia is collapsing and the whole world is against them.

1 year ago

In the fog of war what you think is true – isn’t. One thing is now clear, OPEC supports Russia. Just the threat of cutting production by 2 million barrels will increase the price of gasoline by at least 33% this month. Pulling oil from the SPR is becoming a problem so it could increase 50%. I expect Trader Joe will play the price control card and create gasoline lines. This could hit before the Election. At the moment the Democrat’s best play is to do nothing and hope, but I don’t think they can!

Energy will be expensive come January. Gasoline at $8.00 would not be out of the question in some areas. It’s still around $6.50 in California. In Mendocino, California, a 95% White La-La-Land, it’s at $9.60 a gallon. Down here in Mississippi we have the cheapest gasoline in America. It was under $3.00 yesterday!

So why has OPEC cut supplies? It’s simple, Traitor Joe’s attack on Fossil Fuel here in America is an attack on Fossil Fuel production around the World and that is not in the best interest of OPEC countries. How do I know Russia is winning this war? Well in January the Ruble was at .0134, today even with all those sanctions its at .0164. Your currency doesn’t increase in value when you are losing a war. Real inflation is lower in Russia than the US. Gasoline in Russia is $3.30 a gallon while its $3.83 in America. So who is winning? Oh! Russia has almost no National Debt!

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago
Reply to  GuvGeek

I am seeing junk reporters in the West saying OPECs actions are “strangling” us, and using other demonizing words. The West is strangling itself. Woke policies do not work. The West deserves to suffer, but I doubt it will learn, the evil is too imbedded.