In Case You Missed the Most Recent Report of Biden Corruption


Hunter Biden’s former business partner Tony Bobulinski revealed again in an interview with Tucker Carlson last night that he presented evidence to the FBI that the Bidens committed multiple felonies. Still, FBI agent Timothy Thibault, who ran point on the investigation, never followed up with him or his lawyers.

Tony Bobulinski was the Biden partner, and he had proof to back up everything he said. Yet the media and government refused to address it.


via MazeMoore

There is so much Biden corruption here that includes Joe Biden and his brother, not just Hunter.

One recent story exposes the deal Hunter tried to make with the China spy chief to sell US oil assets.

Just three years ago, President Joe Biden’s family business involved deals trying to sell key gas and oil assets to our enemies, Communist China. The FBI should be investigating this family.

Just the News obtained memos from “the Hudson West III LLC partnership that presidential son Hunter Biden operated with a prominent Chinese business executive named Gongwen Dong. They show the Biden family pursued at least 21 major deals in 2017 and 2018 for Chinese interests seeking U.S. energy assets. This included liquified natural gas export terminals, LNG trade deals, drilling exploration firms, pipelines, and other key energy assets.”

And the ultimate goal and the Bidens knew this was for China to start to takeownership in all the different parts of the natural gas industry in the United States.

The Chinese communists would control our drillers under the deals.

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