Biden Admin sets a new direction on immigration by firing top judge


Biden replaced the man who ran the immigration court for four years. It’s likely that Biden’s staffers plan to slow deportations to a crawl.

Politico reports that the administration on Wednesday made its first move to set the nation’s immigration courts in a new direction.

The Biden Justice Department said Jean King will soon take over on an acting basis as director of the Executive Office for Immigration Review.

King, a former EOIR general counsel who currently serves as the office’s chief administrative law judge, will replace James McHenry, a close ally of former Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Staffers and judges were informed of the shift Wednesday morning in a memo from Acting Deputy Attorney General John Carlin. The move will be effective Sunday.

The immigration courts, run by the DOJ, are responsible for processing asylum cases. Biden has already expressed a desire to greatly expand the definition of legitimate asylum claims to include everyone in our hemisphere.

After his deportation moratorium was crushed yesterday by a federal judge, Biden’s peeps came up with this for starters.

Watch for the asylum is a right language from the Marxists in the White House or their immigration judges. Expect illegal immigration to become a right.

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2 years ago

Why is the DOJ doing the judging of cases??? Why not the judiciary? Isn’t there separation of powers???

2 years ago
Reply to  dunce1

Exactly, I thought Dems thought immigtants had rights. The judicial proceedings should be independent of the racist faux executive.

Trotsky's Icepick
Trotsky's Icepick
2 years ago

Most of the local particle board housing is for the replacements. Sirens are common now as accidents happen daily on the roads that worked fine with the population from 30 years ago but not with the tens of thousands of replacements.
Stacked and packed in like sardines will be a disaster and any poseurs prattling on about the environment are full of shit as this massive influx will do serious ecological damage.
All kinds of Ohio, Georgia, California, New York, Michigan, Virginia, plates are around and they aren’t all rental vehicles as I see them more than once.
The CPUSA comrades are so clueless and they will put up a sign proclaiming their awesome status over the steaming pile of Ozymandias.
Warning-this sign has sharp edges, please no touchy. Call 1-888-ICO-MMIE to report anyone touching the sacred sign, comrade.