Biden’s staffers look to ban conservatives from pressers


As Biden’s staffers look to expand his protective bubble, some want to ban conservatives from press conferences. If more moderate or conservative outlets don’t conform to their rules, they will likely be banned. We know the targets include OANN, Newsmax, Breitbart, Daily Caller, and Fox News.

It was different when Donald Trump was in office. Every presser was a slugfest. If he tried to ban any of the reporters who were clearly out of control, the entire mass media came down on him.

They are going to use COVID to limit access, to begin with, and it may go further. They may say any network that pushes conspiracy theories cannot attend pressers.

Conspiracy theories would include voter integrity, silencing people who support any conservative thought, and basically, anything the Democrats and their media decide is wrong.

Politico reports:

In recent days, the correspondents’ association has informed nearly 20 additional outlets that they are being brought into the rotation to cover press briefings. The list includes Bolling’s Sinclair as well as Breitbart, the far-right publication that in recent months focused extensively on alleged fraudulent voting and Trump’s legal campaign to overturn the election.

The election was filled with fraud and Breitbart is not far-right.

These are the two important paragraphs in the article:

White House officials stressed that they won’t take steps to banish pro-Trump voices from the White House. They don’t, for example, anticipate proactively revoking hard passes from journalists who got them under Trump. And they seem keen on not going down the same path the Obama White House did, when it took steps to freeze out Fox, but backed off amid pushback from other networks. But Biden’s aides also promised not to allow outlets to use the briefings to spread baseless conspiracies.

Note, ‘not to allow outlets to use the briefings to spread baseless conspiracies,’ covers articles they write after they leave the presser. That’s very expansive and intrusive on free speech.

“We expect reporters covering the White House to operate in good faith and tell their audience the truth, and this White House will do the same. We are moving forward with that mutual understanding,” said T.J. Ducklo, the deputy White House press secretary. “Organizations or individuals who traffic in conspiracy theories, propaganda, and lies to spread disinformation will not be tolerated, and we’ll work with the WHCA to decide how to handle those instances moving forward.”

What is propaganda to these Stalinist Dems? It’s anything they disagree with.



  1. I suggest filing an action to determine if the courts witll uphold the exclusion of specified news organizations from pressers. I suspect the courts will endorse this action just as they refused to consider the extensive evidence of massive voter fraud. Regardless, it will demonstrate once again the Rule of Law is Dead in the USA.
    Born: July 4, 1776
    Dief: January 20, 2021
    Cause of Death: TREASON

    PATRIOTS AWAKE: The only justice will be dispensed from the muzzles of your guns

  2. Report all wrongthink and keep deplorable kulak untermenschen conspiracy theorists out!
    No free thinking for you!
    Submit all stories, editorials, articles, opinions, to the czar of RightThink located in the MiniTRU offices.
    Forward! Yes we can.

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