Biden Admin Shares Its “Unhinged” National Security Priorities


“The Biden Administration released its first National Security Strategy (NSS) document Wednesday, exponentially more unhinged than any of its predecessors. The NSS was once understood as a serious document compiling a list of “actual” threats to the nation. It now resembles a hyper-political Blue Anon fundraising mailer,” Jordan Schachtel wrote at the Ron Paul Institute.

According to Schachtel, most of what’s in it has nothing to do with threat assessments. Anything that does has “major prioritization and politicization issues.”

It looks like the World Economic Forum under Klaus Schwab wrote it. That’s the bottomline strategy.

Read the document and decide if the strategy is nothing more than bizarre priorities and aggressive politicization to enshrine Wokeness.

Biden Harris Administrations National Se…
562KB ∙ PDF File

Mr. Schachtel said the report discussed Russia in the most hysterical way imaginable, five times as often as China. The document falsely claims there was no reason whatsoever for the invasion by the “war criminal” Russian President Putin.

Schachtel said, to paraphrase, that China was compared to a friendly competitor, a mere player on the other side of a chess game. Here’s a graph from the China section:

“While we have profound differences with the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese Government, those differences are between governments and systems – not between our people. Ties of family and friendship continue to connect the American and the Chinese people. We deeply respect their achievements, their history, and their culture. Racism and hate have no place in a nation built by generations of immigrants to fulfill the promise of opportunity for all. And we intend to work together to solve issues that matter most to the people of both countries.”

After Putin, climate change was labeled the “number one” security threat,” Schachtel says. The energy transition was emphasized over and over. Their strategy is to indoctrinate all of us in the US and abroad.

Also discussed repeatedly with tremendous emphasis was [Marxist] “diversity, equity, and inclusion” (DEI).

The document concludes that the United States is “making meaningful progress on issues like climate change, global health, and food security to improve the lives not just of Americans but of people around the world.”

The document is supposed to inform Congress and the public of the chief national security priorities and how the White House will deal with them.

Schachtel concludes, “For this White House, the NSS reveals that its top priorities involve blaming Russia for everything, advancing the climate hoax, and facilitating the woke agenda globally through the U.S. military’s bloated bureaucracy and budget.”

The Woke agenda is the WEF agenda.

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1 year ago

The Traitor Joe National Security Priorities is the destruction of his political opposition, Totalitarianism. Since the polls indicate that only 21% of the People think the country is heading in the right direction, that means that Traitor Joe’s opposition is now approaching 80%. That means the 80% of Americans are Traitor Joe’s political Enemies and Traitor Joe is coming after his enemies using the FBI just like the Third Reich used the SS.

We know the the Biden Crime Family is totally compromised by the Chinese Communist Party. We also know that much of the Beltway has questionable dealings with the Chinese Communist Party. Big Tech is clearly compromised by the Chinese Communist Party an readily transfers Technology and Information to them. We need to hang a lot of people, Treason in America is what The Traitor Joe National Security Priorities is really about. What we fully don’t understand yet is what is the CCP’s connection with the WEF Cult.

Russia is now the only major power fighting the New World Order and Americans need to be Shoulder to Shoulder with the Russians to fight a Common enemy who openly advocates genocide on a scale never seriously contemplated in history. The World Economic Forum Cult must be destroyed and it’s leaders isolated and sanctioned. Klaus Schwab, a German, was born into a Nazi Family and his actions and public comments clearly indicate that he is a Psychopath who wants to create World Feudalism. Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum Cult is a bigger threat to the World than the Third Reich. The Traitor Joe Regime has clearly bought into the WEF Cult Ideology.

America’s National Security Strategy should First acknowledge that Climate Change is a Hoax. It is a means for Business to put the cost of Natural Disaster rebuilding directly on the shoulders of Government and Taxpayers to ensure a Big Business is always too big to fail. Next the Repatriation of Manufacturing back to American Soil. A return to American Energy Independence. Designation of the World Economic Forum as a Terrorist Organization. China and Russia are Nations with their own priorities just like America. In some ways they are competitors and some ways they are enemies; we need to get those Elements of Foreign Policy into perspective.