Biden Admin to End ‘Remain in Mexico’ with Some “Hesitation”


The Biden administration, including the Department of Homeland Security, want to end the Remain in Mexico policy. Secretary Mayorkas said he wanted to end it as soon as it was legal to do so. He knows that it will mean as many as 18,000 of unvetted masses of people a day pouring into the country.

The Biden Administration has destroyed the US borders, the immigration laws, asylum laws, and our rights to citizenship.

There is some hesitation, but we doubt that will hold them back. They let millions into the country, sign them up as Democrats and give them social security numbers.

The NSC officials have cited a number of reasons for their hesitation, including that they are concerned that the publicity around ending the program could attract more people to cross the border illegally, according to the WSJ.

In reality, it’s inhumane to destroy the USA with unlimited mass migration.

The Wall Street Journal reports that there is some wariness in the corrupt government.

The NSC officials have cited a number of reasons for their wariness, including that they are concerned that the publicity around ending the program could attract more people to cross the border illegally, the people said. Specifically, the program remains one of the only deterrent tools the administration can use to handle asylum-seeking migrants from Cuba and Venezuela, countries that aren’t taking back any deported citizens from the U.S.

They are also worried that ending the program entirely would upend continuing immigration negotiations with the Mexican government, which would prefer to see the program remain in place, they said.

They understand there will be immediate litigation.

NSC officials have also argued that ending the program could immediately prompt more litigation by Texas and other Republican-led states that could force the government to quickly start the program back up again, the people said. An initial lawsuit by Texas and Missouri prompted the administration to restart the program last fall as the case was pending with the Supreme Court.

Everyone of the leftists in DHS want  to end the Remain in Mexico program — claiming it is too expensive to operate even as illegal immigration costs American taxpayers billions of dollars every year in direct costs.

The Biden administration’s seeking to end Remain in Mexico comes as the program has drastically helped eliminate asylum fraud.

While the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) ruled that President Joe Biden can end the “Remain in Mexico” program, federal data reveals that just 1.6 percent of migrants enrolled in the program have had valid claims for asylum to remain in the U.S.


This is former Gov. Lamm’s satire and at the end he points to the book by Victor Davis Hanson, Mexifornia. Victor Davis Hanson had introduced Mr. Lamm at this event.

It was prescient as members of his own party seek to end the America we know and love.


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Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
1 year ago

More teenage illegals for the swindler Biden and May-i-kiss-yor-ass to force into prostitution, crime, and disease-spreading.

Last edited 1 year ago by Harrison Pendleton
1 year ago

Border States need to close the Border. Those States need to cause enough economic Pain to break the back of Traitor Joe Border Policy. Put the Nationa Guard and a Citizens Militia on the Border playing by Wild West Rules. Americans have put up with enough Beltway Stupidity.