Dem 2020 Candidate plans to DECRIMINALIZE illegal border crossings


The 2020 candidates are all competing for the communist and socialist voters and Julian Castro, the former HUD secretary under Obama, is working hard to lunge out in front. To show the hard-left what they can expect from him, he called for decriminalizing illegal border crossings.

He wants those borders open even though it will bring in crime, depress wages for his voting base, and increase the welfare rolls. Basically, it will destroy the country, but he is, after all, the son of a radical La Raza activist.

Castro also wants amnesty for the millions of illegal aliens in the United States and, as if that isn’t enough, he wants to accelerate the chain migration, and increase the numbers of refugees. Castro wants an end to border barriers.

The lunatic wants to block ICE from enforcing the nation’s immigration laws.


The Washington Post reported that Castro said in a blog post, “The truth is, immigrants seeking refuge in our country aren’t a threat to national security. Migration shouldn’t be a criminal justice issue,” Castro wrote in a blog post laying out his plan.

Castro offered a far-reaching plan to remake the nation’s immigration policy Tuesday with a new call to end criminal penalties for migrants entering the country without permission and a plan to remove detention as a tool for most immigration enforcement.

By repealing the criminal code that allows the Trump administration to prosecute people who enter the country, Castro would remove the mechanism that previously allowed the administration to separate asylum-seeking parents and children after detention. Trump has since stopped those prosecutions, though single adults continue to face criminal penalties. Castro said he would impose a civil legal process for sorting out refu­gee applications and deportations, with an emphasis on jailing and removing those with criminal records.


According to Fox News, Julian Castro told New York Times Magazine that upon being elected mayor in 2009 he promptly hung in his private office a 1971 La Raza Unida City Council campaign poster that featured his mother. His mother believes the U.S. stole the southwest and we must give it back.

La Raza Unida is an extremely radical organization. It’s the more radical wing of the racist, La Raza. The West was stolen, Unida says, and they want it back through reconquest — Reconquista. The new land would be called Aztlan.

They strongly support open borders for obvious reasons.

During the Mexican-American war, the U.S. won all of Mexico from Spanish Conquistadors – not natives – but gave half back and paid $15 million for the land the U.S. kept.

LaRaza claims to be a peaceful movement. LaRaza Unida, a youth gang, does not make any such claim. They both want the same things only they want to go about it differently. We have gang members coming illegally into this country unimpeded to add to their numbers.

In addition, the Unida or Reconquista groups have infiltrated the open borders groups.


The agenda of the Hispanic Separatist movement: We have an aging white America. They are dying. It’s a matter of time. The explosion is in our population.” José Angel Gutiérrez spoke those words. He was an Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Texas at Arlington at the time (and a former leader of the La Raza Unida political party).

Some of our neighbors to the south are willfully invading. They call it decolonization, but no matter what word you use, it is essentially the overthrow of the Southwest. There are many supporters of this movement who are proposing a full amnesty, demand no deportations, and open borders.

It sounds like Castro is a Reconquista.

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