Biden Administration Is Interfering in Israeli Affairs, Fomenting Unrest


Former US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman slammed the Biden administration for interfering with Israeli internal affairs. This followed Biden’s demand that the Israeli government prosecute the Jews who rioted and destroyed property in the Palestinian town of Huwara.

Biden has no right to interfere in Israel’s affairs [or is it Barack Obama and George Soros].

After interfering in Brazil’s elections, helping the criminal communist Lula de Silva win, Biden and his team are trying to damage the Netanyahu administration in favor of the radical left in Israel.

The Obama-Biden administration has also been interfering in Ukraine since 2014.

Is someone trying to start a revolution?

According to JNS, “American taxpayers are indirectly subsidizing a program that rewards Palestinians who kill Americans. Instead of interfering in Israel’s domestic affairs, the (Biden) administration should be focused on protecting US citizens from Palestinian terrorists.”

Investigative reporter Lee Smith says the Biden administration is interfering in Israel’s upcoming election because they hate Netanyahu and want to dismantle the Abraham Accords, Donald Trump’s serial Middle East peace agreements. Finally, they want to empower Iran, Smith says.

The reason he’s talking about democracy is because the radical left in Israel is co-opting the US Democrat Party’s constant refrain, Save Democracy. Advisers from the US is helping them with this.

One of our commie newspapers, Politico, is helping the Biden administration interfere, or are they helping the CIA?

Politico writes:

Democracy in Israel may face dire threats, but a festive atmosphere prevails during this Saturday night march, which quickly fills Kaplan Street, a major thoroughfare in the heart of the city. People smile and snap selfies; they bang on drums and toot kazoos — sounding out the rhythm of Ha’am doresh tzedek chevrati! (“The people demand social justice!”). A Palestinian citizen of the state weaves a cart through the crowd calling “Bageleh, bageleh!” offering the Israeli version of a bagel (which is nothing like a bagel at all) with za’atar held in small sacks of twisted newspaper.

The bongo drums, kazoos, the people demanding social justice – could be the same people who marched in front of the Justices’ homes screaming out epithets or threw bottles at police in Ferguson before they set fires in the street. This is all part of the same leftist movement destroying the West.

Fake constitutional crisis.

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6 months ago

All over Judicial Reform. Drastic changed are needed in the Israeli court system. Many are demanding the laws of Shabbat and Kashrut areas be mandated. As Rabbis have said, it is Shabbat that has kept the existence of the Jewish population over the centuries. The Supreme Court has been engineering the removal of the Rabbinical authority over Kashrus which would create a mass of confusion.

Never has an administration gone by without a condemnation over Jewish “settlements”. For some odd reason it is only “Jews” who are forbidden to live where they please. Even those supporting a “two-state” solution are unable to explain such policies, since they would be part of the created Arab state. It is nothing short of pure racism.

Few realized and understood when Sadat made his speech and remarked the “land for peace” was the first step. The next step was ‘more‘ land for peace, until such time Israel was in a position of being unable to defend the land. One only has to look at a topographical map to see what the Arabs want is all the high ground surrounding the country.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
6 months ago

Not satisfied with greatly damaging the US, Obama/Soros/Biden are bent on ruining other countries as well.
How can people keep denying that there are deep conspiracies?
If nothing else, acknowledge how Satan is tightening his grip and using evil people for destruction.