Biden Admin’s Plan to Stop Israel Pre-Election Is Flabbergasting


The Biden administration has to stop Israel from protecting itself against Hamas to make the Tlaib and Omar factions happy in Minnesota and Michigan so that they will vote for him. Most Israelis, about 80% of them, agree with Netanyahu to continue fighting until Hamas is destroyed. That led to this administration’s latest idiotic idea.

Biden’s team devised an alternative plan that could make one gag upon repeating it. Instead of “smashing into  Rafah,” he wants them to concentrate on BORDER SECURITY.

US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan touched on this idea on Monday when he announced that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had accepted a request from US President Joe Biden during their phone call earlier that day to send an inter-agency team to Washington “to hear US concerns about Israel’s current Rafah planning and to lay out an alternative approach that would target key Hamas elements in Rafah and secure the Egypt-Gaza border, without a major ground invasion.”

Elaborating on the alternative approach the Biden administration has in mind, a second senior US official said Washington envisions Israel focusing instead on preventing the smuggling of weapons from Egypt into Gaza through the Philadelphi Corridor.

Great idea! Let’s try it here first and see how it works out!

The duck-and-take-cover approach does nothing for the hostages, and it doesn’t help with all the fighters and weaponry still available to Hamas.

Biden cares as much about Israel as he does US citizens – maybe more. At least he wants them to have border security.

This administration is unserious, making our nation unserious, and the world is watching. They can blame Netanyahu all they want, but he is executing the people’s will.

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