Biden Alternately Screams and Whispers in Pennsylvania


Madman Joe was in Pennsylvania yesterday pushing his and Bernie Sanders’ socialist/communist Build Back Better bill. No notable Democrats showed. They’re hiding out so as not to be associated with him.

The madman in the White House, who raised the price of insulin when he took office, screamed bizarrely about insulin being unaffordable. He eliminated Donald Trump’s program to reduce the price of insulin.

He thinks if he screams at us, he sounds like a President.

He also did his creepy whispering again. He starts at 39:00 and he’s loud but by 56:40, he goes into creepy whispering.

A bridge collapsed about four miles from where he was supposed to speak. It was an opportunity for him to pretend his BBB bill would fix bridges. BBB is just climate change and welfare for minorities (reparations).

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