CBP Are Travel Agents for Single Male Illegals, Including Criminals


Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations are now an “unofficial travel coordination agency.” Agents are forced to coordinate travel for some illegal immigrants with criminal records, an ICE source told Fox News on Wednesday.

These criminals are released into the country. Such is Democrat hatred for their own country and countrymen.

The ICE official was reacting to Fox News’ reporting that single adult illegal immigrants are being quickly processed and released into the U.S. in large numbers via a hub in Brownsville, Texas.

Fox News footage showed several federally contracted buses dropping off dozens of mostly male illegal aliens at a parking garage in Brownsville, Texas. Black tarps were set up with a makeshift sign that said “Border Patrol drop-off” above it.

Since then, Fox News has witnessed hundreds of illegal aliens (they’re not migrants) being released into the area in just a few days. From there the illegal aliens and criminals are transported via taxis to bus stations and airports.

The source said the reporting only scratches the surface and that the mass releases have been happening discretely since February, that ICE fugitive operations teams are essentially nonexistent, and that ICE Enforcement and Removal Operation (ERO) has become what the source called an “unofficial travel coordination agency.”

“Between [releases] and the vaccine mandate the morale is at the lowest,’ the source said. “Imagine going to the office to make phone calls all day to coordinate travel for someone who just came in illegally, some of them with criminal records.”

Obviously, there are far more than 2 million illegal aliens coming in each year under Joe Biden.

The agents slammed their Chief in Laredo but to no avail.

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