Biden Answers the Question of Whether He’ll Go to Ohio – ‘He Did a…What the Hell’


A reporter asked Joe Biden if he’d visit East Palestine, Ohio, ground zero for train derailments and slow burns. He doesn’t need to because he did a whole … video … no … you know … what the hell?

A reporter gave him some assistance since the situation was pathetic.

The reporter said, “zoom?”

Biden repeated the word, “Zoom, Zoom, all I could ever think uz my generation, “Who’s zoomin’ who?” [1985, Aretha Franklin, definitely not his generation.]

Biden isn’t going to East Palestine. He did a zoom.

He claimed his team was in East Palestine two hours after the event. It’s just not true that he hasn’t been engaged.

So, in answer to the question if he would not travel to East Palestine, his team was there two hours after it happened. This is like the US border. Uncle Joe won’t go.

Hello, it’s not like it’s Ukraine. He had to go there to save democracy.

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