Biden Asks for $13.7B for Ukraine-Related Funding for Only 3 Months of 2023


The Biden administration is requesting that Congress authorize $11.7 billion in additional security and economic assistance for Ukraine and $2 billion to help shore up domestic energy supplies to offset impacts of the war on the global energy market for a total of $13.7B, The Hill reports.

The $13.7B is only for the first three months of fiscal 2023, which begins at the start of October. That’s direct from the White House.

We’ve rallied the world to support Ukraine defending their democracy and can’t stop, says one administration official. The administration is planning a good $4B a month endlessly.

Congress on a bipartisan basis approved over $53 billion in security, economic and humanitarian assistance to address Russia’s invasion of Ukraine this year. Biden signed the last package, totaling $40 billion, into law in May.

This new request was expected and taxpayers have nothing to say about it.

In addition to more funding for Ukraine, the White House is also asking Congress to authorize billions more in funding for the federal government’s COVID-19 pandemic response, monkeypox response and disaster relief efforts as part of a continuing resolution. The emergency funding request totals $47.1 billion.

That’s 47.1 billion dollars.

The White House is asking Congress to approve $4.5 billion for military equipment and replenishing Pentagon stockpiles, $2.7 billion in defense and intelligence aid for Ukraine and $4.5 billion for budgetary support for Ukraine’s government.

Ukraine is a corrupt country and Biden is a corrupt US president. Look at this son who handles the deals for the Big Guy:

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