Obama’s Rule-by-Regulation Czar to Oversee $370B in Climate Funds


Hillary’s campaign manager, John Podesta will oversee the implementation of the climate and clean energy provisions of the Inflation Reduction Act, the major climate legislation Biden recently signed.

John Podesta, regulatory czar

Podesta also served as Obama’s regulation czar. He helped Obama rule by fiat through regulations.

The ‘inflation’ act,  a payoff to donors, includes $370 billion in climate funding that will be used to further the far-left agenda.

White House climate adviser Gina McCarthy will be replaced by Ali Zaidi and they are adding Podesta to the team.

McCarthy previously led the Environmental Protection Agency under the Obama administration. She signed the first-ever Climate Power Plan which has not come into effect and is aimed at destroying fossil fuels.

McCarthy is dictatorial.

Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (W.Va.), the top Republican on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, has called her an “unaccountable czar.”


Podesta is a George Soros ally and ran the looney Center for American Progress which Soros has funded and probably still does.

Hillary’s advisor John Podesta is a dangerous collectivist who has plans for one world government by his own admission and who has guided Barack Obama’s pen and phone abuse of constitutional powers. He was one of Obama’s regulation czars. He set up the Obama rule by regulatory state.

Podesta also helped the former United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to set the stage to radically transform the world’s economic, environmental and social agenda (ESG).

He wants a new international treaty that will bind all 193 U.N. members– including the U.S– to a still formless “universal sustainable development agenda” for the planet that began to take effect in 2020. Podesta is an operative of the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Additionally, Podesta was paid $35 million from Russia for the corrupt Uranium One deal.

I won’t be surprised if he is coming into the administration to regulate fossil fuels out of existence, and bring in ESG as a weapon against them.

Do you think George Soros and Barack Obama are working Joe Biden behind the curtain, along with the WEF?

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