Biden attempts to speak & make sense on CNN


Joe Biden’s presidential candidacy is sad. It’s hard to believe Democrats are serious about him as a candidate. Perhaps they will spring someone else on us during the Democrat Convention. Biden doesn’t have the delegates he needs and Bernie hasn’t released his delegates.

Biden is now reduced to begging Bernie for support. He is even planning to adopt some or all of his foreign policy. Bernie’s do-nothing policies will weaken the United States. Both Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden think climate change is the overriding priority. Joe Biden’s campaign begged Bernie Sanders foreign policy advisers to help Joe. No one is worse on foreign policy than Bernie. Biden is apparently willing to go very far left to win.

The former vice president was on CNN Thursday, attempting to talk policy. Host Anderson Cooper and contributor Sanjay Gupta looked like deer caught in headlights as Biden spoke, anxiously worrying about what Biden would say or not say next.

Cooper and Gupta, who thinks the government should stay closed until every life is saved, look stupefied as Joe Biden speaks in these clips.

What is he trying to say?


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