Pompeo DEMANDS Answers from China about COV-19


Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Friday that the Trump administration is demanding answers from China after the nation raised the number of coronavirus deaths in Wuhan by nearly 50 percent earlier in the day.

China appears to be responsible for the loss of wealth and lives.

They have been lying about their numbers according to numerous reports and good common sense.

Officials changed the city’s 1,290-person COVID-19 death count to 3,869 on Friday, adding to questions everyone has about their reporting.

They say they weren’t reporting probable coronavirus cases and now they are.

Chinese state media said “belated, missed and mistaken reporting occurred” because medical facilities in the country were overwhelmed at the peak of the outbreak, hence the sudden spike.

“What this administration has consistently done, with respect to the Chinese Communist Party, is demand they behave in a way that’s consistent with international norms,” Pompeo told “Mornings with Maria.”

The change in Wuhan’s death count also came after FOX News reported that the virus outbreak likely originated in a Wuhan laboratory not as a bioweapon but as a way for China to prove its efforts to identify and combat viruses are equal to or greater than the capabilities of the U.S., according to multiple sources who were briefed on China’s actions.


They withheld information for at least six days that can be proven and there is a great deal of evidence that they lied in December about how contagious this thing is.

“This authoritarian regime had information, had data. It’s very clear now that the Chinese Communist Party and the World Health Organization didn’t put that information out into the international space as they’re required to do in a timely fashion. And the result of that is that we now have this global pandemic. We’re still suffering that today,” he said.

Pompeo added that the administration is “still trying” to get China to allow experts into the lab where it is believed the virus originated.

“This is about science and epidemiology,” he said. “We need to understand what has taken place so that we can reduce risk to Americans in the days and weeks and months ahead and get the global economy back on track. It’s very important.”

In all honesty, can anyone see Biden doing this? Forgetting his senility for a minute, he’s in bed with China and always has been. His son is still on the board of a China Communist Party company.


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