Biden backs illegal strike in Chicago


The Chicago Teachers Union said on Sunday that a majority of its members had voted to authorize a strike if the nation’s third-largest school district sought to force teachers back into school buildings.

That’s no surprise. They like getting paid to sit home.

A week after Joe Biden said he would open the schools, he has gone back on his pledge. He is now backing the hard-left Chicago Teachers Union’s illegal strike.

He is going along with their demand for excessive testing and HVAC systems in every school. They won’t return to teaching until they have their demands met.

That’s totally unreasonable. Will he now use our federal tax dollars to outfit every school throughout the nation with HVAC?

Chicago can’t even cover their pensions because of union demands.

The schools’ worst enemies are the teacher’s unions.


AFT President Randi Weingarten said the Chicago Teachers Union is working very hard to resolve this for the children. Does anyone believe it is for the children?

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