Biden Bashes “MAGAs” in Ever-More Dangerous Speeches


Listen to @POTUS speech again, and replace the term “MAGA Republican” with “Jew,” “Muslim,” “Black,” “Japanese,”  or any other ethic, racial or religious group, and you’ll truly appreciate the tenor and terror of what you just heard.

~ Viva Frei

Joe Biden isn’t walking back his attack on 74 million Americans. He is doubling down on vicious verbal assaults of “MAGA Republicans” as if wanting to make America great is something to condemn. It’s bizarre, but it seems to work with all 36% of his supporters. He has a new nickname for Republicans. According to Joe, “MAGAs” are now “Trumpies” and “extreme right.”

It’s pathetic when a mentally-challenged man has the power he has and uses it to abuse half the country who voted for Donald Trump because he opposes making America great. Calling them Trumpies isn’t funny either, not when he’s trying to start an uprising. Biden and the Democrats are a threat to democracy.


As Rep. Boebert said, his language, calling Republicans a “threat to democracy” or “destroying democracy,” is dangerous. What he is saying is that disagreeing with him is a threat to democracy. It’s similar to the language of the narcissist, Dr. Anthony Fauci, who thinks if you disagree with him, you disagree with science.

This is fascism. He’s saying that we are such threats that you can do anything you want to us. It could be one of his dog whistles to Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

The threats to democracy are Biden and Democrats, flooding our streets with unvetted, anonymous foreigners, many bringing drugs. Five million nine hundred thousand foreigners have come in illegally. We have no idea if they are drug dealers, child sex traffickers, or terrorists. That is a threat to democracy.

Biden sends his toadies out to lie for him when he isn’t lying. Our enemies see all of this. That’s a threat to democracy.

Threatening and harassing the lives of Supreme Court Justices and their families is a legitimate protest in Joe Biden’s and Democrats’ minds, but a heckler upset with Biden’s vile speech is a “threat to democracy.


Everything a Republican does is a threat to Democracy, and all Republicans are Trumpies. Everything Democrats do, even spending $46 million to fund Republican candidates they think are weaker to help win their primaries, isn’t a threat. This is all insane and not normal, but it’s the new Democrats.

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