UK Prime Minister Described as a Pro-War “Globalist Marionette”


The Times of London published an article noting how “no white men” will hold a major office in the new government, set to be led by Liz Truss. Because this is who we are now in the West.

The new Prime Minister of Britain, Liz Truss, not a white male, has said that Russian forces must be pushed out of “the whole of Ukraine” – and suggested this should include Crimea. In April, the Guardian accused Liz Truss’ position was “recklessly inflaming Ukraine’s war to serve her own ambition.”

She is pushing for war.

Her first day as a female on the job was spent calling Ukraine President Zelensky and arranging a visit. She opened her first speech as Prime Minister by talking about Russia and peddling the neocon narrative that “we cannot have security at home without security abroad.”

We gave her a day, but the decision is in, she’s no Margaret Thatcher. She’s a liberal who wants to push the war with Ukraine.

Jordan Schachtel called her a globalist marionette. He wrote on substack, “Think the American Uniparty is bad? Get a look at the Tories’ (U.K. Conservative Party) priorities in 2022. If their policies were a recipe, it would call for a gallon of communism topped with a sprinkle of “tax cuts.” Sadly, there is no real functioning political opposition in the U.K. The monarchy has long been stripped of all of its power, and Britain’s hubris-fueled rulers have become entirely detached from the interests of its constituency.”

It looks like that is happening here in the United States as well.


We have no one calling for peace. Where are the ladies in pink? What happened to Democrats? They want war and don’t care that they are destroying their own economies and their financial system. The world economy is being split between the West’s SWIFT system and China’s. China is expected to surpass the US economy by the decade’s end.

Global unrest has begun on farms and in businesses.

The sanctions, unsurprisingly, are destroying the West, not Russia, but the West doesn’t have a backpedal.

But, as we all go down with the ship, we can count all the non-white males in political office. Becoming racists is most important.

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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 year ago

Only an analysis of the political positions will truly confirm that this is anti-white racism. But there sure seems to be a bad smell in the air.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

I agree with your decision. I do not follow Britain well enough to understand what is going on there. But we do know that the “conservative” party is not conservative. I figure that globalist Johnson was so exposed for what he is that they decided to make a change to someone similar for cosmetic reasons.

Farage was just on Bannon on this fine streaming network Real America’s Voice. (A $30 ROKU gives me free news networks on my large TV, no computer is involved.) Bannon says she has about 90 days to turn things around, as businesses and people are unable to pay bills. Farage agrees, says she must cut taxes including sales taxes now, and open up North Seas drilling immediately.

Based on what you wrote and the dire conditions described on War Room, maybe she is there to fail and genuflect to her NWO superiors. The continued decline is ne\arly unavoidable, the goal of her and others may be to work to weather the failure politically rather than avoid it.

As usual, phony conservatives/patriots botch things and then the full leftists come into power. It’s a see saw in which they seem to be working together.

Trump won
Trump won
1 year ago
Reply to  The Prisoner

That about sums it up. We’re sinking with the ship and there are no lifeboats.