Biden Becomes a Global Embarrassment Again


During the news conference in Israel, Joe Biden proclaimed, “I was outraged and saddened by the enormous loss of life at Gaza hospital.”

As information comes out, it appears that the Islamic Jihad, another terrorist group inside Gaza, misfired a missile, sending it into the hospital’s parking lot. Maybe the lives lost were not what Hamas said. The media immediately bought Hamas’s story instead of waiting for the facts.

Biden promised to request an “unprecedented aid package” for Israel from the US Congress this week. The US will provide $100 million in aid to the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. In other words, this will end up in the hands of the terrorists, who control the funds in these areas.

Biden is very generous and politically correct with U.S. tax dollars. It gets him votes.

He said Israel should also take into account that not all Palestinians are part of radical Hamas.

Biden’s speech was confused. He commented, “Israel is a democracy and like America, doesn’t not follow the rules of terrorists.” He seemed unaware of the double negative. He also said, “When we get knocked down, we get back up again.” Then he mumbled, “I won’t speak Hebrew because I’m a terrible linguist. “

Watch this fiasco: He sounds like he’s learning English for the first time.

As they might say in Israel or maybe it’s just Brooklyn, “oy, vey.”

The US insists on a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestine conflict and calls for a push for peace.

A two-state solution at this time is absurd. It would be another Gaza with madmen attacking Israel day and night.

Also, Israel doesn’t have much land now. They won’t be able to defend themselves if they give up more land.

And, finally, he shuffles off:

So, do you think he’ll get 81 million votes “again?”

I can almost see those puppeteers behind the curtain laughing at Americans for pulling a fast one over on us.

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