Biden’s HHS Forces Employees to Use Preferred Pronouns


The Biden Health Department is now forcing all employees to use preferred pronouns, or there will be consequences.


The Department of Health and Human Services, headed up by Biden transgender Admiral Rachel Levine, has enforced a mandate requiring all employees to use preferred pronouns and “acknowledge the gender identity of their colleagues.”

The e-mail says, “all employees should be addressed by the names and pronouns they use to describe themselves, clarifying that employees can wear clothing and use restrooms in accordance with their gender identity.”

capture by Resistor Newswire on Telegram

The nondiscrimination and inclusion policy discriminates against women and men. It doesn’t prove inclusive for heterosexual men and women.

It is wrong to force women into a bathroom with a biological man thinks he’s a woman.

This is an effort to create chaos. It’s highly discriminatory and bizarre. It also encourages bad grammar.

The left has successfully silenced us because they have control of the leftist media, who tell us we’re not allowed to criticize this or they will call us homophobes and cancel us. We have to start resisting those types of attacks and speak the truth.

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