Biden blamed Donald Trump for the Kabul catastrophe, said he did not make mistakes


Joe Biden gave a press conference today, blaming Donald Trump for the disaster in Afghanistan. He sounded weak and unconvincing. Biden actually used his son’s death, comparing it to what happened today. Then he quoted from the bible. He’s a pathetic joke.

There was something wrong with him during his speech. He paused awkwardly and then started to read notes. Then he said the “first person he was instructed to call on” was Norah O’Donnell.

He needs to be fed questions in advance and likely was. Biden said he is going to stick to the timeframe and claimed his military commanders agree.

“Without large military operations, we will get” the terrorists on our own time, he claimed. No one believes him.

Another media toady asked if he made a mistake depending on the Taliban to secure the perimeter of the airport. He said, “No, I don’t. I think General MacKenzie handled this question very well.” Biden falsely claimed ISIS-K has not metastasized and it’s in the Taliban’s interest for the US to leave on time.

He said there is “no evidence so far that there has been collusion between the Taliban and ISIS.”

That is moronic.

He actually said people know America means what they say. As for the stranded Americans, he claims there are buses for them over the next several days. Then he claimed the vast majority of Americans don’t want to leave!

Biden decided Bagram wasn’t worth concentrating on and it was “wiser to concentrate on Kabul.” 

This is so mind-numbingly tone-deaf and crazy, it leaves one speechless. He still pretends most are getting through and he said he doesn’t know if a list was given out of Americans and allies in Afghanistan.

Joe sounds like he’s about to die. His processing is very slow.

Doocy asked him about the buck stopping with him and whether he feels responsible. Biden then blamed Donald Trump, and he had to follow the commitment. This is from a man who destroyed everything DJT did without a thought. He also suggested Bush is responsible. He bears no responsibility except in some generic way.

The MSM is still covering for him, repeating his one line about seeking out the killers.

Uncle Joe isn’t going to do a thing in response to the murders.


Confirmed: US gave names of US citizens, green card holders, Afghan allies

No matter their reason, this is so feckless and outrageous that it has to be treason. They are relying on the Taliban to protect us as General MacKenzie said during his presser today.

The US CentCom commander said We are communicating with the Taliban to “make sure they know what we expect them to do to protect us.”

That is insane.

They are terrorists.

Biden is building back better. Basically, he is going to save everyone but he will also cut and run.

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11 months ago

In 2012, four Americans lost there lives in Benghazi for absolutely no reason other than the feckless piece of human waste, Barack Hussein Obumbler and lying, cheating, crooked old bee eye tea sea H Hillary stood by and watched them be murdered by a bunch of rabid Muslims all for political reasons.

Now, we have 13 U.S. service men murder by a rabid Muslim suicide bomber in Kabul all because of the total ignorance and incompetence of a senile old man that was elected to the WH in a fraudulent election. What a useless waste. Just imagine if you are the family of one of these service men who died because of such incompetence by our communist DemocRATic leaders. Joe Biden, Commie-ho Harris and the DemocRATs must go in order to save this nation. Fly you flag upside as a sign of distress, because this nation is in dire distress.


Tim Shep
Tim Shep
11 months ago

This is what democrats do they blame and demean the other person. They are incapable to take responsibility for any thing negative that they create. We have a POTUS who can’t function. He has physical, medical and mental problems and is not fit to handle this job. I blame his family and the democratic party for pushing him into this and they should all be brought up on elder abuse.

RLA Bruce
11 months ago

So if Biden didn’t make any mistakes in Afghanistan, that means he must have created this FusterCluck on purpose–which will result in the deaths of thousands of Americans at the hands of terrorists. He should be impeached and removed from office for his crimes, then tried for treason!

11 months ago

Actually, Joe’s very first mistake in this whole fiasco was in not honoring the agreement made between the previous administration and the Taliban. If he had pulled us out in May like was promised to the Taliban, we would not be in this Biden Sh!t Show we are in now.

11 months ago

It’s astounding what Democrats are allowed to perpetrate on the American people with zero consequences.

RLA Bruce
11 months ago
Reply to  D3F1ANT

I misread your post to say “penetrate” instead of “perpetrate”–then I realized your words meant the same either way . . .