Biden blames Delta variant for the failure of Build Back Better last month


Joe Biden said the Delta Variant is responsible for the poor jobs report in August. His plan to deal with the variant will be out next week. So far, all he knows is tax and spend on irrelevant issues that bolster his move to a socialist economy.

Naturally, it’s not the fault of his policies.

Cut and run Biden would not answer questions yesterday. This is what he thinks of Americans. He has no regard for the public and the media lets him get away with it.

Biden doesn’t think he’s answerable to anyone, and the media seems to agree.

Biden will never talk again about Afghanistan.

It would be interesting to know what his answer would be if questioned about the increase in Black unemployment that had gone up under his rule after making great strides under Donald Trump. Everything was better under Donald Trump unless mean tweets are that critical to our existence.

All we will hear from him is how well we are doing, or we won’t hear anything at all.

The Jobs Report

Biden didn’t create jobs unless you count people returning to work as adding jobs. Last month’s so-called success included mostly government jobs and summer jobs. The number fell below expectations by 500,000.

The details of the jobs report are far worse as you look through them. Look through yourself on this link.

The unemployment rate for Black men increased to 8.8% in August from 8.2% and increased to 7.9% for Black women in August. The unemployment rate for Black youth (16-19 years old) increased to 17.9% in August [This is partly how we get gang youth among Black teens].

It’s not a good sign and we’d like to hear reporters get to ask him questions about it.

Biden’s policies did this. Last month, we added zero leisure jobs, and lost jobs in construction and retail.

You won’t hear much about it and Biden will not be answerable for it.

Despite the damage done by government unemployment benefits plus, Democrats want to extend it.


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