Biden Blames Guns for the Lawlessness He & His Party Promote


On Thursday, President Joe Biden attended a Gun Violence Strategies Partnership Meeting in New York City alongside Attorney General Merrick Garland, New York City Eric Adams, and New York Governor Kathy Hochul.

All are far left radicals.

Biden prattled on about gun violence, blaming all of the horrendous crime in the blue cities on guns. It’s not the no-bail laws or the release of violent criminals or the complete abandonment of law and order, ignoring crimes, including gun crimes. It’s not the anti-police, pro-criminal DAs. It’s the guns.

Mayors Giuliani and Bloomberg had crime largely under control, but now we have a horrible crime wave in New York City. Competent mayors were followed by communist Bill de Blasio for eight years and, he, along with the city council, berated the police, put them in harm’s way, and defunded them $1 billion dollars.

Criminals are allowed to commit crimes with impunity in New York City. Criminals are allowed to resist arrest and armed robbery is a misdemeanor unless someone is hurt or killed. The law is not enforced, but the clowns — Joe Biden, Eric Adams, the self-proclaimed Biden of Brooklyn blame guns, because they want to take guns from lawful gun owners and deflect attention away from their incompetence.

Sixty-six major cities run by progressive mayors are in just as terrible a state. After defunding the police, they’re going to put money into community violence prevention, and intervention programs. That means social workers and basketball courts.

They never said a thing about gun criminals, gangs, cartels, and getting tough on them.

In January, 30 police were shot. That’s up 67% from last year. That’s from the National Fraternal Order of Police. Two were ambushed and murdered in New York City.

Heather McDonald’s published statistics today in The Wall Street Journal. Ambush attacks on officers were up 115% last year — 73 officers were assassinated. More than 10,000 African-Americans were murdered. Compare that to four unarmed black people killed by police.

In New York City this week, eight people were murdered, 15 shot. Biden won’t do anything, just as he does nothing about anything.

The problem is the US is overtaken by lawless officials and they’re Democrats. That’s the problem, not guns.


“Enough is enough,” Biden said with emphasis.

He claimed that “the gun violence public health epidemic.

“The answer is not to abandon our streets. That’s not the answer. The answer is to come together, police and communities building trust and making us all safer. The answer is not to defund the police, it’s to give you the tools, the training, the funding, to be partners, to be protectors,” Biden said.

Biden said that he has called on Congress to pass a budget providing an additional $300 million to cities like New York for community policing, and an additional $200 million to invest in community violence intervention programs.

None of those initiatives will work. It’s more of what is not working now.

“Congress needs to do its job to pass the budget, every one of these folks here from Congress are all supportive, but you know it’s time to fund communities, community Police and the people who are gonna to protect them,” said Biden.

“Look, as I said, we’re not about defunding. We’re about funding and providing the additional services you need beyond someone with a gun strapped to their shoulder,” he continued.

Biden thinks we can turn the police into social workers.

Biden stressed the need for social workers and mental health workers to respond to calls where they would be needed. He also stated that he is proposing to increase funding for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, and the US Marshal’s service, with a promise to double down on this investment next year.

He blamed rogue gun dealers who are not the problem, but not gangs or cartels pouring through our borders with drugs.

He wants more gun control.

Biden continued on to stress the importance of universal background checks on those purchasing guns, and “making sure that people who are not allowed to have a gun, don’t get the gun in the first place.”

He also stressed the importance of going after ghost guns, or guns that are bought in pieces and can be assembled at home.

Ghost guns barely exist and they are not the problem.

Biden continued on to state that they have created a strike force to crack down on guns being trafficked across state lines.

“As the mayor said, and you pointed out, guns have been used to kill people in New York City, they aren’t made in New York City, they aren’t sold in New York City. They are sold in other places,” he said.

“Today the Attorney General directed all US attorneys in the United States to prioritize combating gun trafficking across state lines and city boundaries,” said Biden. “The Justice Department is sending additional products to our resources to help shut down what’s referred to as you all know, the iron pipeline, that funnels guns from shops in states like Georgia the crime scenes in Baltimore, and Philadelphia, New York and so many other places.”

“Governor, you worked with the Mayor and the NYPD and nine other states to create an interstate task force on illegal guns. That’s the kind of leadership that’s going to solve the problem,” he added.

They are up to something with the illegal interstate guns and it’s not just about illegal guns. It won’t work any way unless they ban guns federally and start confiscating.


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