Dr. Malone Discusses DOD Whistleblowers, Manipulated Data, & Serious Adverse Effects


Dr. Robert Malone talks about the three DOD whistleblowers who claim vaccine adverse events are being deleted after the government data mined the database. “The Department of Defense, whoever’s doing this, the data management, is going in and actively deleting cases, manipulating the database.”

Senator Johnson extended protection to them as whistleblowers.

Dr. Malone, Senator Johnson, Attorney Renz are all being demonized. Whether this report is accurate or not, we cannot say but it deserves a full hearing. We need to know the truth.


AFLDS affiliated attorney Thomas Renz participated in Senator Ron Johnson’s Covid-19: A Second Look panel discussion on January 24, 2022. He said that “three whistleblowers from the Department of Defense had data mined DMED, the Defense Department vaccine injury database, and found massive increases in year over year vaccine injuries.

The whistleblowers also declared the data had been manipulated and altered after they found the original discovery in August.

According to Thomas Renz website, “recently discovered DOD stamped documents show the following:
  • As Delta Variant Surged to over 50% in June, Covid-19 Hospitalizations more than doubled, reversing the prior trend of decreasing hospitalizations since April.
  • Unlike what Fauci, Biden, and Big Pharma are telling the American public about the safety and effectiveness of the 3 Covid Vaccines, the following DOD stamped document shows 60% of the hospitalized are fully vaccinated.
  • This DOD stamped document also reveals that the government knows that “prior Covid-19 infection has a major protective effect against breakthrough hospitalization,” which means that natural herd immunity is superior to the vaccines”.
All data reflects reporting from January through November 2021:
  • Myocardial Infarction / Heart Attack heart rose 269% from 612 annual cases to YTD 1,650.
  • Myocarditis rose 285% from 127 annual cases to YTD 363.
  • Pulmonary embolisms 467% from 746 annual cases to YTD 3,489,
  • Cerebral infarction rose 393% with current YTD 3,438.
  • Bell’s Palsy rose 319% with current YTD 1,470.
  • Guillain-Barre Syndrome rose 250% with current YTD 3,635.
  • Immunodeficiencies rose 275% with current YTD 3,172.
  • Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura rose 322% with current YTD 564.
  • Multiple Sclerosis / Demyelinating Diagnosis rose 487% with current YTD 3,444 .
  • Neoplasms (tissue growth, often cancer precursor) rose 296% with current YTD 114,645.
  • Nontraumatic Subarchnoid Hemorrhage/ICH rose 312% with current YTD 1,858.
  • Spontaneous Abortion / Miscarriage rose 306% with current YTD 4,602.
  • Disseminate Intravascular Condition rose 1,175% from 7 annual cases to YTD 87.
  • HIV rose 590% from 454 annual cases to YTD 2,681.
  • Chest pain rose 1,529% from 4,892 annual cases to YTD 74,813 individuals.
  • Dyspnea / Difficult or labored breathing rose 905% from 4,968 annual cases to YTD 44,990″
Dr. Malone is not an anti-vaxxer. He spent 30 years developing vaccine technology.

He is opposed to vaccinating the children and said the way we are treating our children is “atrocious.”

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