CDC Director Offers Admissions, No Apologies for COV Response


CDC Director Rochelle Walensky this weekend gave a talk at her alma mater, the Washington University School of Medicine at St. Louis, to discuss the “lessons learned” from the Covid pandemic.

CDC Director Walensky admits to the science, the real science. American citizens who said the same thing were censored, banned, or de-platformed for saying it on social media.

There were no apologies, no mea culpa, just matter-of-fact admissions with giggling and laughter interspersed.

She is the elite and you are the peasant.

At one point, she basically confesses that the agency is not the final authority on “the science.” Too bad she and Fauci, our self-anointed god, didn’t say it sooner before they terrorized much of America. There were those who believed every word they said and trusted them.

“Nobody said ‘waning’ when this vaccine is going to work, ‘oh well maybe it’ll wear off.’ Nobody said ‘well, what if…it’s not as potent against the next variant’,” said Walensky.

“I can tell you where I was when the CNN feed came that it was 95% effective — the vaccine. So many of us wanted to be helpful. So many of us wanted to say, ‘okay, this is our ticket out right now.’ We’re done. So, I think we had perhaps too little caution and too much optimism for some good things that came our way. I really do,” Walensky said.

But…but… the science was settled.

The problem with this is people were telling them and they would not listen. Instead, they paid millions for media to repeat their narrative, hid data, and begged media to ban people with different narratives from the public square.

The CDC was politically driven and weaponized science. She needs to apologize for that.

Walensky offered no apologizes just excuses while minimizing what damage they had done. The excuse is no one wanted to be so restrictive but they couldn’t let up.

We’re supposed to trust these people now?


Full interview:

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