10% for The Big Guy! Biden Wants Billions for US Bureaucrats to Help Ukraine



In addition to the $702 million already committed to Ukraine over the last year as well as a previous $1 billion loan, the Biden White House just asked Congress for $6.4 BILLION to finance the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Most goes for government agencies to continue the grand job [irony] they’re doing, and lesser amounts for refugee assistance, food, security. The war machine is alive and well.


$3.5 BILLION of the requested funds will be allocated to the Department of Defense’s response to the Russia-Ukraine conflict. $2.9 billion would be for security, humanitarian aid, economic stabilization, and regional efforts to combat alleged Russian cyberattacks, the AP reports.

Ukrainians don’t need us and are looking to Israel for help. They might mediate a cease fire that the US doesn’t want.

Basically, Biden wants the money for our wasteful bureaucracy.

The largest portions of money would be for the Defense and State departments and for the U.S. Agency for International Development, which distributes civilian foreign aid. Smaller amounts would be for the Treasury and Commerce departments, whose chief roles in the Ukraine crisis will be to apply sanctions against Russia, its financial institutions and state-owned businesses, and its leaders, including President Vladimir Putin.

Rep. Chris Coons, chairman of the Senate Appropriations subcommittee that controls foreign aid and State Department expenditures, had “an initial guess” that Biden would ask for $10 billion. Don’t worry, it’s coming.

And 10% for The Big Guy?

How much will help Ukrainians? Probably a small portion of the $2.9 billion allocations. The rest will end up feathering the nests of the far-left agencies.

The US is currently $30 trillion in debt that we can’t pay off. It’s very serious, as Elon Musk has said.

A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon, you’re talking a lot of money!

Tucker makes a good point here:

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Mostly Grey
Mostly Grey
1 year ago

Yaa, you betcha, right away comrad mien furher. All so the Ukraine, one of the most corrupt countries there is, can launder all those billions right back into the bank accounts of our dear leader Comrada Emerador pantalones de caca and there rest of the representatives on the take and siphoning off the Ukrainian gas companies. Follow the money!

1 year ago

Once WWIII starts the US Dollar will be worthless anyway. It doesn’t matter how much more worthless Fiat Dollars the Government gives to it’s friends.

Playtime Is Over
Playtime Is Over
1 year ago

Get your wallets out, comrades.
Unity free milk and honey for the replacements collectives aren’t cheap and neither are swamp blobs too insulated to see that the gig is up.
Don’t be a shirker you deplorable kulak untermenschen scum, we can always Holodomor your ass or cancel your fiatbux account.
Get your I voted sticker out and tell yourself that you have a voice, you might even start to believe it but it won’t work at the checkpoint.

1 year ago

As in Any conflict there are Two irreconcilable sides. As outsiders and observers we should be Compelled to understand both of those sides, unless a person has an undying thirst for War. There is a reason for this conflict and maybe the public should be aware of it. In this case Ukraine doesn’t come out being the holy righteous side. The tone of this video suggests Ukraine Did want a war with Moscow under Poroshenko.

These people are the same people who put Zelensky in power, but after three years has their lives changed for the better in any way. But for some reason the “West” does Not want to learn both sides. We pick our own side and determine the outcome for the people of the world. But we can’t talk to Putin because he IS EVIL and only doing this for,,,,Whatever. Now, tell me Kiev has the high ground here.


1 year ago

This is the same ignorance that went on during the Maidan.


The reporting seems to promote the story as heroic, but may be more dangerous for the world. It may seem patriotic worthy of praise that Zelensky decided to arm 10, 000 civilians with weapons, but what chance do they have. A least one report showed a young woman holding an AK, while interviewed. When the images of hundreds of civilians are scattered among the streets it will be a real-life “incubator” moment. It could very well bring in such a rise in emotions throughout the world that it would result in an escalation involving many countries. How close Then is WWIII. People are so full of emotion Right Now, without considering the consequences, that it will likely bubble up to leaders who will be forced by the public to take action. This is Certainly the Wrong Time for people to get highly emotional, but the media is gorging people On It.