Biden Blatantly Breaks the Law with Mass Amnesty


As Sentinel reported twice, Biden plans to grant mass amnesty to undocumented people married to citizens. No matter how anyone feels about the policy, Joe Biden is breaking the law. He might not know it. We can’t be sure. However, Congress needs to step in as Joe Biden stomps all over their role. Biden should be impeached immediately.

He will give amnesty to people here illegally for ten years but married to Americans. They will be eligible for citizenship in three years. The government says it will affect 500,000 people in a country where the election was decided by 40,000.

As an aside, does anyone believe this is Joe Biden’s plan? It seems more like Barack Obama’s or George Soros’s.

He can’t even talk, and he’s granting mass amnesty to at least half a million, with many more to come:

Biden is brazen liar who claimed he couldn’t do anything about the border.

Biden calls it “parole in place,” which Stuart Varney calls code for amnesty. Varney said on Varney & Co:

They would get work permits and could not be deported. It would be the mother of all amnesty programs: it is vote buying.

7.6 million migrants have come here since Biden took office. There are another 1.9 million known “gotaways.”

Some have terror connections. Some are members of Venezuelan criminal gangs.

The latest outrage came in Maryland, where a migrant from El Salvador allegedly raped and murdered the mother of 5, Rachel Morin.

It turns out he fled to America, crossing the border illegally, after murdering a young woman in El Salvador.

What will we do with this mass migration? Donald Trump says, “deport them.”

Biden’s answer is “Parole in Place.” That’s code for amnesty.

As Donald Trump said, many of these marriages are sham marriages. It will encourage mass sham marriages. Trump slammed Biden for it at a rally today in Racine, Wisconsin.

“All an illegal alien has to do is sign up for his new program – it’s a sham marriage or college degree – and they can expect amnesty and taxpayer support,” the presumptive Republican nominee for president said.

Josh Hawley promises to fight this.

Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., vowed to investigate President Biden’s “lawless plans for amnesty” and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ “ongoing abuse of parole authority.”

He called it “absolutely unacceptable,” a “lure that will drive millions more illegal immigrants to flood across our southern border.” He called it a “slap in the face of US taxpayers” and “unfair” to legal immigrants.

Hawley called Mayorkas to “immediately end” the new policy and said the administration “baldly defied” current immigration law,” which it does.

Now, we need to hear from the rest of the GOP.

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