Biden brags his economic plan is working compared to last year (in lockdown!)


Joe Biden bragged that his economic plan is working compared to where we were last year. Last year, we were in lockdown! He also can’t seem to remember his bad unemployment plan or his inflationary policies.

A record 43% of businesses plan to increase prices in the next three months, according to an NFIB survey at Reuters. US Small Business confidence is edging lower because they can’t find workers thanks to the excessive unemployment benefits. The other problem is inflation worries.

“If small business owners could hire more workers to take care of customers, sales would be higher and getting closer to pre-COVID levels,” NFIB Chief Economist Bill Dunkelberg said in a statement. “In addition, inflation on Main Street is rampant, and small business owners are uncertain about future business conditions.”

Inflation is rising at the fastest pace in 13 years. While 43% of business expect to raise prices, another 83% of small businesses have seen increased operating costs but he is comparing this with last year when everything was locked down.

Barack Obama also put out policies that were destructive to small businesses.

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