Biden breaks the law, steals private property — an “impeachable offense”


Joe Biden and his handlers illegally expanded the eviction moratorium. They are defying a co-equal branch of government, the Supreme Court of the United States. It’s theft of private property and puts landlords in a terrible situation.

If we allow the executive branch to steal property and ignore SCOTUS, we will never get those rights back. The Supreme Court said it is unconstitutional and told Biden not to do it again, and yet he did, saying he knows it’s illegal but it’s the right thing to do.

So, if I think the right thing to do is to steal my neighbor’s property because he has more than I do, can I do it? Can I ignore paying my taxes — it’s the right thing to do?

From here the tyrannical government will do the same with gun rights, and other civil rights, if they are not stopped.

This is a “farcical”, “impeachable offense”, civil rights attorney Harmeet Dhillon said. The executive branch is trying to take over the power of states and local governments and the Supreme Court. They want to rule by fiat with no consideration for landlords who are also struggling to survive.

This would set a very dangerous precedent. Who is the government to come between a landlord and a renter? They have no rights over private property. We can’t let them assume any.

We can’t let the government take away our rights to determine the drugs that go into our system or whether people have to fulfill the contracts they signed when renting or taking out loans and so on.

I’m not sure why letting anonymous people pour in illegally isn’t also an impeachable offense.


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