Biden Budget Eliminates Whites Everywhere, Including from the Moon


President Joe Biden eliminated all men, white people, and minorities except blacks when he chose a nominee to sit on the Supreme Court. Now, we find out that hidden in Biden’s 2023 budget is dedicated to landing the first woman of color on the moon.

Bidenistas are insane. Everything is about race and manufactured genders. This is so blatantly against the Constitution. Yet, they get away with it.

Biden’s budget appropriates billions of dollars toward advancing “equity” in dozens of government agencies.

He’s infesting every government agency with Marxism and anti-white and anti-Asian racism. The Free Beacon outlined a few:
  • 20 million goes to the Department of Transportation’s efforts “to promote equity and inclusion.” Inclusion is about gender.
  • $400 million is budgeted for initiatives “that expand equitable inclusion in federal science and technology programs and the use of scientific and technological innovation to advance equitable outcomes.
  • $600 million is earmarked for building “science and technology capacity in underserved institutions” such as historically black colleges and universities.
  • $48 million is allocated for an “equitable National Park System” to enable the Department of the Interior to “expand operations at parks that preserve and tell the story of historically underrepresented and marginalized groups.”  [They are going to rewrite history]
  • $2.6 billion goes to the State Department to “advance gender equity.”
  • $1.5 billion+ to the EPA to “advance racial equity and secure environmental justice for communities.

Democrats are abolishing our Constitution and the principles outlined in the Declaration of Independence. We are no longer created equal. Everything is about the Marxist concept of equity. It’s no longer a meritocracy. You can be a fool as long as you are an LGBTQIA or a minority they like (not Asian, of course).

We are becoming communists. In the USA, the land of equality, there is no equality, just equal outcomes regardless of merit.

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