Groomer-in-Chief Biden Tells Parents to Affirm Their Transgender Kids


Early” transgender surgeries, hormone treatment, and affirmations are “crucial” for the health of kids and teens who identify as transgender and nonbinary, President Joe Biden’s administration said in messaging released Thursday, according to The Daily Wire.

Biden wants parents to affirm their children’s transgenderism. We don’t know why this is what the US now stands for, but apparently, we do.

As a nation, all we stand for is racism and little kids should be sexualized.

Today is Transgender Day of Visibility. We almost missed that one. The purpose is to “inform parents and guardians, educators, and other persons supporting children and adolescents with information on what is gender-affirming care and why it is important to transgender, nonbinary, and other gender-expansive young people’s well-being.”

That’s really important as our economy crashes, we might be led into World War III, our borders are flooded, and our country is rudderless.

Who believes children should be transitioning? It’s nuts.

On “DeTrans Awareness Day” in early March, people who formerly began gender transition procedures flooded social media with their de-transition stories, sharing stories of depression, anxiety, and fear, The Daily Wire reports.

The Biden administration also boasted of a slew of measures aimed at “transgender children,” including promises to back “gender-affirming care” – a term that usually includes treatments ranging from therapy to puberty blockers and surgery – for kids.

Biden has lost his mind, along with the rest of the Democrat Party, but we knew that.

Bob Iger thinks not grooming and not sexualizing children K-3 is morally wrong:

However, the grooming is working. The latest Gallup poll reports that 1 in 5 GenZ youth identifies as LGBTQ.


Huh, what? Did he say “autocrats and dictators” or did he curse?

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He can’t talk and he’s NEVER honest:

Are we sure this is satire?

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