Biden Butchers Becerra’s Name & Nominates Him to a Non-existent Cabinet Post


In less than 25 seconds, Joe Biden, while introducing his nominee for Secretary of Health and Human Services, made two blooper-worthy boo-boos.

First, the former VP unwittingly nominated his choice, Xavier Becerra, to serve as the Secretary of Health and Education Services. Unless they’ve smartly combined two posts, there is no such cabinet position.

Next, Biden absolutely butchered Becerra’s name.  We mean, Joe wasn’t even close on his first try.  Suffice it to say, while folks — who were a lot closer to the approved pronunciation of Kamala — suffered quite the scolding and finger waving, it’s unlikely Biden will face anything like that.

No, it’s just another case of “Joe being Joe.”  Forget that, once again, Biden seemed genuinely confused while reading an extremely short passage from a teleprompter.

The much bigger problem for all of us may be Joe himself has already forgotten the whole embarrassing episode.

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