Violent communists build autonomous zone on a busy Portland street


Newly-re-elected Mayor Ted Wheeler said there will be no autonomous zones and the police are authorized to use all lawful means to end it. Unfortunately, he has taken most of the police’s tools to fight away. They can’t shoot, use tear gas, and so on. In addition, they will be quickly released.

Police have raided the zone and recovered guns, but the loons have piles of large rocks to throw.

The lunatic communists are violently repelling the police.

It’s so bad that the lunatics chased the police away from their new autonomous zone in the middle of a busy street in North Portland. They call it RHAZ for Red House Autonomous Zone. The goal is to protect squatters in a red house they’ve taken over illegally.

The occupiers are Antifa and other extremists.

The RHAZers have called for reinforcements via Twitter. Apparently, that’s okay with Jack Dorsey and his leftist staff. It would only be a problem if the occupiers were conservatives.




  1. Someone gave PTNews a map highlighting where the barricades were placed. The areas blocked off keeps at least a two-square block of residences from entering or leaving. As the hours slipped by I was expecting the delay was due to waiting for the National Guard. Now I thinking Wheeler has gotten cold feet, Or, maybe never really intended to send in police. He’s a slimy devil, that one.

  2. Is the dispensary passing out free weed to the comrades? It might calm them down if it is some cannabis Indica and not Sativa.
    Indica is the heavy munchies buzz while Sativa is like an energy drink in plant form.
    Somebody send in some video games Starbucks and sailfawns (cellphones) so that the comrades can prattle on about how terribly oppressed they are while burning it all down.
    They could post it up on their Macbooks to social media for the good of the collective.
    Paging San Fran Nan-charge up their EBT cards so that they can be free of joblock.

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