Biden calls for nationwide masks outside for at least 3 months


Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden called for a nationwide mask mandate to fight the spread of coronavirus, Fox News reported. He wants people to wear them all the time outside.

“Every American should be wearing a mask when they’re outside for the next three months at a minimum,” Biden told reporters in Wilmington, Delaware.

And no, Joe is not a doctor and three months is arbitrary as is wearing masks outside. Also, nationwide mandates go against the Constitution.

At what point do masks represent submission, control, and power? I do wear masks in stores but outside? When I’m not near anyone???

He made his comments after a briefing with his hand-selected health experts.

That’s nothing. His communistic running mate Kamala Harris wants to give every American $2,000 a month for a year.

Sure, why not, while our debt is hitting $30 trillion. They must want to collapse the system.

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