Biden camp rebukes the NY Times for posting an op-ed about Biden


Joe Biden was on tape in 2018 saying he used U.S. Aid money to blackmail the Ukraine government into firing a top prosecutor investigating the company (Burisma) paying his son large sums of money. He has never explained the boast and has offered no excuses, leaving it open to investigation by others and to speculation.

But he doesn’t have to explain. Democrats get to say anything they don’t like is a lie or a conspiracy theory without ever having to prove it or explain since they have control of the media.

Now, not only does he insist on not explaining it, he demands no one else present facts. A Biden deputy campaign manager wrote a scathing letter to the NY Times accusing them of peddling conspiracy theories offered by the author of Secret Empires, a book exposing what looks like dirty dealing by the Bidens.

The NY Times published an op-ed by the author of the book, Peter Schweizer, and that brought out the stinging rebukes from Biden’s people.

The deputy manager of Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign slammed The New York Times on Wednesday in a letter to the newspaper’s executive editor — blasting the paper’s coverage of the former vice president’s involvement in Ukraine.

The letter, written by Kate Bedingfield to Dean Baquet of the Times, criticizes the paper for “giving top billing” to “Clinton Cash” author Peter Schweizer in a Wednesday op-ed titled, “What Hunter Biden Did Was Legal – That’s the Problem,” CNN reported.

In his article, Schweizer asserts Biden was “self-dealing” in Ukraine while vice president.

“Congress can and should conduct an inquiry to determine whether anything illegal occurred,” Schweizer writes.

Bedingfield goes on to criticize The Times’ Ukraine coverage in general. She writes that the newspaper had an “outsized hand in a baseless conspiracy theory” promoted by Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani that Biden acted inappropriately in helping get rid of a Ukrainian prosecutor.

It’s not baseless when Joe Biden himself is on tape saying it’s what he did.

The angry Biden-ite condemned the fact that ‘expert’ Daria Kaleniuk, who runs the Anticorruption Action Centre in Ukraine, was not quoted in the Times saying it’s all debunked.

Prior to her role at the anticorruption center, ‘expert’ Kaleniuk handled non-profits, a feeding ground for the hard-left. She has accepted funds for the center from George Soros and he almost exclusively gives to hard-left causes.

However, Kaleniuk wrote in April, in response to ‘attacks’ by John Solomon on her group, the center has received funding from Soros’s Open Society Foundation but also from “the E.U., the U.S., the governments of the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic, the Global Fund,” and hundreds of concerned Ukrainian citizens.

Still, the ties are concerning, especially since Soros was being investigated in the Burisma deal.

You can read the op-ed on this link at the NY Times. His point is there is no American law that prevents a foreign company or government from hiring the family members of American politicians. He calls it a loophole. Schweizer also presented known, indisputable facts, not conspiracies.

The NY Times only occasionally offers anything not far-left approved and when they do, they get slammed. But, it’s good for clicks.

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