Biden, CCP, WHO: Stripping Some Sovereignty of 194 Nations for WHO


The U.S. Department of Energy, Chinese Communist Party scientists, and the bat lady of Wuhan (Shi Zhengli) authored a paper titled, Lessons Learnt From The COVID-19 Pandemic. It calls for expanding the power of the World Health Organization over sovereign countries, The National Pulse reports.

The paper praises China, the nation that lied about the virus, and the World Health Organization (WHO), which also lied, for transparency.

“It is clear that both China and the WHO demonstrated dramatically improved responses to COVID-19 with the lessons learned from previous epidemics,” asserted the paper before suggesting that the origins of the virus remain “enigmatic.”

Well, we don’t think they are that enigmatic.

The paper offers seven “actionable recommendations” to improve the global response to future pandemics. One of them is to give WHO totalitarian authority over whether it is a pandemic and what actions must be taken worldwide. They have already made it clear that they support lockdowns, forced vaccinations, and masking. And they are preparing vaccine passports.

The worst part is that it gives broad authority over 194 member states, usurping their sovereignty in areas they deem affected by the “pandemic,” such as travel.

“The WHO has to be given a much – MUCH – stronger role in coordinating the implementation of the various control measures,” argues the paper.

“Given the exponential nature of pathogen spread it is imperative that we ensure the rapid mobilization of mitigation and control strategies at international scales before local epidemics can progress to pandemics,” the authors write.

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