Biden Celebrates the Inflation Act as Inflation Soars, Markets Tank


Awesome! Joe Biden signed the Inflation act today and claimed it “helped reduce inflation at the kitchen table,” as the core inflation soared to 11.4% in August. Core inflation is our kitchen table items. The stock market tanked over 1,200 points today due to inflation.

At least he picked the right day to sign the Inflation Act, which Democrats like to erroneously call the Inflation Reduction Act.

Biden is draining our emergency petroleum reserves for political reasons, pre-election.

Inflation would be double digits today were it not for Biden draining the Strategic Oil Reserve to artificially reduce the price of oil. Joe is sacrificing American energy security in a desperate attempt to save his reign.

We’ve gone from:

March 2021: WH says inflation isn’t happening

Summer 2021: Inflation is transitory and it’s a fine, high class prob

August 2022: “Zero inflation”

Biden Today: Biden holding a celebrating for the “Inflation Reduction Act,” which makes inflation far worse

~ Katie Pavlich

To the sound of James Taylor’s elevator music, Biden celebrated the inflation act at the White House.

This is even more bizarre. It’s what you get when you vote in octogenarian leftists.

Everyone around the world, come on! It’s a celebration! Watch:

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