Biden claims he grew up with Bob Casey who wasn’t even born then


Presumptive Democrat leftist nominee Joe Biden claims he grew up with former U.S. Senator Bob Casey in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The only problem is the Biden family left Scranton in 1953, seven Years before Casey was even born.

Casey was born in 1960.

“There’s no better friend I have than Bobby Casey. We go back a long way, we grew up in a neighborhood in Scranton that was literally four blocks away from one another, same parish, same schools. Although he went to Scranton Prep, I’d gone — I’d left by that time. I was doing a virtual — almost the same kind of place I went to in Claymont, Delaware, a little steel town. But Bobby, I don’t know whether you’re still there, but you’re a great friend and you have a wonderful family and I love your mother, she’s incredible.”

Watch the senile liar:

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