Dems push hard for universal voter fraud


President Trump warned Republicans to put up an intense fight against mail-in voting. He knows how fraudulent a system like that is.

He tweeted, “Republicans should fight very hard when it comes to statewide mail-in voting. Democrats are clamoring for it. Tremendous potential for voter fraud, and whatever reason, doesn’t work out well for Republicans.”

We will have ineligible voters, ballots popping up in homes, trunks of cars, and so on, just like the 2018 elections in California.

[Socialist] Democrats are pushing hard for universal mail-in voting [with no ID]. It is a system of voting that allows for an insane amount of voter fraud.

Even so-called comics are pushing for it.

The late-night comedians are simply leftist operatives using comedy as a mask for their real intent.

One of those is Trevor Noah, who was brought to this country after he failed as a comedian in South Africa.

He begins this clip below with the Wisconsin election. He is leading up to a claim that objecting to mail-in voting is blocking voters.


This isn’t to drive up turnout. It’s driving fraudulent participation as we saw with ballot harvesting. Boxes of votes kept showing up, even in the back or cars and in closets. We lost the Republican county in California after the officials used ballot harvesting in Orange County.


Noah is a liar who is counting on his audience falling for his phony spiel that GOPers don’t want to open up the vote, and are blocking votes.

What a twisted mind he has.

Democrats want no checks on voting — none at all.

Meanwhile, you have these Democrats calling for fraud. They don’t want voter ID; they want universal ballot harvesting, weighted voting (Maine), online voting, voting in any location on the days/weeks/months of the vote, registering to vote on the day of voting, and now mail-in voting. There is one reason — they want voter fraud.


Leading the mail-in ballot charge is the Brennan Center for Justice, located at NYU School of Law. The Brennan Center is heavily financed by Soros’s Open Society Foundations and is the recipient of numerous Open Society grants.

The Brennan Center released a blueprint for voting reform, in response to the coronavirus pandemic, which has been widely cited by news media as making a central argument for a universal vote-by-mail option.

The New York Times, Washington Post, Axios, Politico, the Guardian, and Reuters, among many others, promoted the far-left Brennan document.

Democrat Sens. Amy Klobuchar (MN) and Chris Coons (DE) cited the Brennan Center’s coronavirus voting plan in a letter to House and Senate leaders, urging extra funding for the scheme.

The Brennan Center’s plan calls for a “universal vote-by-mail option for all voters.” It advocates for “inactive and recently purged voters (who may have been improperly removed from the rolls)” to be sent provisional ballots by mail if they request a mail-in ballot.

I saw this on Breitbart, and it’s clearly on The Brennan Center website as backup.

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Diesel Truckers Theme
Diesel Truckers Theme
3 years ago

The post office could run out of money by June. If it was in the private sector it would have went out of business long ago.
Comrade Soros has his slimy tentacles everywhere trying to destroy our republic.
I’m sure Trump knows and is several chess moves ahead.
The attempt to dilute American citizenship is so obvious, why not let people outside of America vote since everyone in the world has a right to come here and enjoy the free milk and honey.
An assault weapons ban was also hidden in one of the porkulus packages.
Der Führer actually coined the term from the German Sturmgewehr for the STG44 7.92mm weapon.
Comrade Kalashnikov was inspired by some features of this weapon for the AK-47.

A Bigger Boat
A Bigger Boat
3 years ago

Comrade Kommissar Bernie is suspending his campaign. It is on das Teevee right at this moment.
I predict a new dacha and sports car in his not for redistribution stash.

3 years ago

And who would they mail the ballots to? Every postal address? Every person with a driver’s license, including illegals? Every state’s registered voter list which includes bloated lists of dead voters and those who have moved? This is insane and must be resisted at all costs.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

Universal voting is anarchy a recipe for Totalitarians to rule for generations to come, end of our country.