Biden Completely Remade the Entire US Government This Week


On his first day in office, Biden mandated diversity and inclusion training (CRT or Critical Race Theory) in every agency. On February 16th, he quietly issued a new executive order transmogrifying every agency of government. Hiring, advancements, policies, funding, and programs will be according to immutable characteristics. Everyone is protected except white heterosexual men. This is Marxist equity now flooding into every pore of the government body. Biden remade America on Thursday.

As Tucker puts it, Biden has put a new Jim Crow order in place. Every agency will hire and promote according to immutable characteristics.

Every agency will turn hard left like our universities have with equity teams.

America remade as a hard left nation

Under the first executive order, Biden directed federal agencies to review the “state of equity” within their organizations. Agencies had to detail their plans for addressing unequal barriers within programs and policies. it also created working groups to identify potential inadequacies of equity. Mao couldn’t have planned better.

Equity, as now defined, is Marxist. He is taking our country, built on equality, and turning it into an anti-American social justice nation. Diversity and inclusion training is racist against whites, and it is wholly unAmerican while disguised as anti-racism training.

Through the new executive order dated February 16th, President Joe Biden expanded his first equity EO. He remade us, transmogrifying us from a nation based on merit and hard work to a nation of leftists. We will go from a nation of equality to a nation of JIm Crow.

“The Executive Order strengthens requirements for agencies to build and resource Agency Equity Teams and designate senior leaders accountable for implementing the President’s equity mandate. In line with the President’s commitment to advancing gender equity and equality at home and abroad and the President’s commitment to advancing environmental justice, equality for LGBTQI+ individuals, and other equity work streams, this Executive Order fosters greater collaboration and accountability and streamlines agencies’ reporting of progress and planning in order to advance equity in support of all those who face overlapping discrimination and bias,” the order reads.

“The Biden administration has defined equity as the fair treatment of individuals from all backgrounds, including, but not limited to, Black, Latino, Indigenous and Native American, Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander individuals, women and girls, and LGBTQI+ individuals, as well as individuals who have disabilities and those who live in rural areas.”

“Some of the initiatives already underway include more than 300 equity actions implemented across 90 agencies, and for example, looking at ways to provide better access to LGBTQI+ individuals for federal services. But Biden’s new EO has new requirements for agencies to make further progress.

“Agencies should coordinate with the new equity steering committee to push forward on the goals outlined in their equity action plans. The steering committee will additionally coordinate governmentwide efforts for advancing equity.”

There will be annual equity plans, and Susan Rice, known for lying on TV about Benghazi, will lead it all.

He created yet another big government hard left agency, the White House Steering Committee on Equity. Obama plant Susan Rice, the White House’s Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy, will serve as steering committee chairwoman. Her steering committee will make certain their action plans are implemented governmentwide. We are remade.

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