Did the US Blow Up Nord Stream?


Russia has called for a UN investigation of whether or not the US did blow up their pipelines. The UN might investigate but it’s something the Europeans will not do.

The European Union won’t investigate the destruction of the Nord Stream pipeline, even though it hurt them dramatically. They are too afraid of the consequences.

We cannot say whether Seymour Hersh is right, but someone in NATO likely blew up Russia’s pipeline, and most people believe the US was involved. We don’t have facts at this time, we have suspicions. More information is needed on the Hersh article, which is not a source piece.

The US strongly denies the Hersh scenario. Hersh’s article is intriguing and plausible in many ways, but it has gaps, suggesting a problem with reliability. Hersh hasn’t yet responded to those questions that seem like holes in his story.

Hersh believes the US did blow up the pipelines. He said the worst part of this is the US administration would rather see Germany cold than have them not support him in Ukraine.

US media is calling Hersh a blogger to discredit him. He is not. Hersh is a long-time Pulitzer Prize-winning author and investigative journalist. He has won numerous other awards for journalism. There are problems in some of his reporting, but he has uncovered some tremendous stories, such as Mai Lai and Abu Ghraib. He is not a blogger.

Analysis by Alexander Mercouris

Alexander Mercouris analyzed the Seymour Hersh article in a clip below. He believes Seymour Hersh’s narrative that the US did blow up Nord Stream. Hersh claims the US did it with the help of Norway. Scott Ritter said we could bank on Hersh’s article.

One analyst’s opinion

If true, political analyst Alexander Mercouris says, you have a group of people in the White House who got around Congress. They aimed to attack the very important infrastructure of one of the US’s most important allies – Germany. Go to about 50:00 on the mark in the clip below.

Mercouris says Hersh appears to have a senior source in the White House and investigated the story for about three months. Alexander points out what was going on three months ago. Gen. Milley said the war was a stalemate and we must start considering negotiations. Also, it was when the Rand Corporation came out with a report that the US risks coming out as a loser in the Ukraine war, and the outcome could be catastrophic. Also, a report on the depletion of weapons stock was published about three months ago.

He didn’t mention this, but Europeans were protesting angrily, especially in Germany.

It’s curious.

Alexander thinks the Kherson offensive was a pivotal point. After massive destruction was inflicted on Ukraine forces, Russia left the area with its army and machinery intact. It became an impetus, while devastating Ukraine.

Mercouris thinks that after the Ukrainian losses, people in the national security complex came to the conclusion that there had to be negotiations.

He said there are a small group of entrenched people gathered around Biden who control the war. It would be hard to change this situation.

No one can explain what this war means. No one can explain what victory in Ukraine means. If the situation in Ukraine deteriorates, it’s going to accelerate the war with very messy consequences for the US. He also sees a briefing war, arguments and investigations in the US future.

All of this distracts from the question, did the US administration circumvent Congress and blow up Nord Stream? It’s an act of war for which Biden must pay if true.


In the meanwhile, the UK is sending long-range missiles to Ukraine. They can blow up areas in Ukraine with them.

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3 months ago

I firmly believe that the US blew up Nord Stream, but I doubt the White House knew about it until after the Fact. Kind of like the Watergate Break In. The Government will have to try and cover it up. Soon this will take out both Traitor Joe Biden and Heels up Harris. The 2024 Election Season will be starting in a few Months and Traitor Joe Biden and Heels up Harris are not the Puppet Master’s Picks.

Nord Stream was an Intel Black Op. The Intel Community has to win in Ukraine because if the details of their operations there become public, Governments throughout the West will be subject to “reorganization”. The Intel Services have been the tail wagging the dog since WWII. If The People’s of the West knew what they have been doing there would be revolts and New Governments.

Consider the Pattern. The CIA and the Bay of Pigs – JFK taken out, Vietnam / Watergate – Nixon taken out, Gulf War I – Bush 41 taken out. Gulf War II – Bush 43 almost taken out. Ending 20 years of Middle East War – Trump taken out by a Stolen Election. The Intel Services have been in bed with the Military Industrial Complex since the 1940s. President Trump started asking the right questions, so he had to go.

Germany is dependent of Russian Oil and was willing to give up Ukraine to keep the oil flowing because it was in Germany’s best interest. What’s in Germany’s Best interest is in the EU’s Best Interest. Peace and Stability are not in the Military Industrial Complex’s best interest.

Without the US the Ukraine war would have been over in 2 or 3 Months. The Intel Community and the Military Industrial Complex will never give up an opportunity to start a Major New War when there is Peace. It’s just not in their best interest!

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
3 months ago

While the Dems try to put Trump on trial, maybe they should look at the criminal in the White House. How many Afghanis loyal to the USA were murdered by him, how many others murdered with the arms he left that made it to the black market? Hw many black babies have been murdered in the womb by him and his ilk?

3 months ago

We can suppose some of the discrepancies came about from certain parties that had only partial details, depending on which detail came from which party.