Biden conducts a virtual town hall for the election in 2 years, 1 year, whenever


Joe Biden held a virtual town hall on Facebook live while talking into a cellphone. It was like watching Grandpa skype with the grandkids.

He seems quite confused about when the election will take place — two years, one year, January, whenever.

This is the entire clown show, complete with constant technical problems, allegedly. What really appears to have happened is Biden wandered off and they had to cover it up with the sign.


The Trump campaign accused Biden of plagiarizing Donald Trump’s Coronavirus plan, and it looks like he did. When we heard his speech, it did sound like an echo.

“Joe Biden’s Coronavirus remarks today sounded awfully familiar. Listening to him, we felt a sense of déjà vu,” Trump’s camp said. “Here’s why: Biden blatantly ripped off President Trump, and bizarrely called on him to do things he has in fact already done.”

Biden said he’d get private labs and universities to rapidly expand testing which the President already did. Joe Biden said that small businesses will need relief from coronavirus’s economic impact.  The President is providing $50 billion for small business owners. Biden talked about free testing and the President already did that. He said he would accelerate the development of a vaccine, and the President did that too.

Lastly, he said people should steer clear of large gatherings. The President has talked about that at length too.

It’s painful listening to Joe Biden and watching him with his new ‘presidential’ posture, especially knowing how senile he is. He’s very rehearsed.

Biden went right into the politics when discussing Coronavirus, claiming he’s listening to science, suggesting without evidence the President isn’t. Never mind that the President is constantly surrounded by medical experts.

Then he went into the gibberish that calling it a ‘foreign virus,’ which is what it is, is xenophobia.

Finally, he told Americans to stop shaking hands and hugging. One must wonder if he will follow his own advice. He’s always in peoples’ spaces, rubbing shoulders, putting his nose into peoples’ hair — literally.


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2 years ago

Looking forward to Sunday’s debate with Bernie, might be better than SNL!!!!!

2 years ago

Damn…this guy needs a rest home. Can you imagine him as President? I realize word is out if he did win, someone else will step in;) AMERICA WAKE UP…VOTE

Michael James
2 years ago

Pretending to be “presidential”. And not doing a very good job. He really IS pathetic. Democrats are living in an alternate reality. They really are NUTS!

Tara Olson
Tara Olson
2 years ago

why is he trying to take a position of leadership? nobody asked for Biden’s advice.

2 years ago

I used to avoid listening to this guy, like the plague. But now I actually seek him out. I honestly find him absolutely hilarious. I just imagine that he is a stand up political comic, because he truly is hilarious as hell. And the best thing, he has no idea that he is such a joke and that the whole planet is laughing at him.