Biden campaign posts manipulated anti-Trump video on Twitter


The Washington Post fact-checked Joe Biden for a change. They gave Biden’s dishonest campaign Four Pinocchios for using video manipulation to twist the President’s words on the Coronavirus.

In the ad, Biden accuses the president of calling the virus a “hoax” during a rally in South Carolina. The Washington Post fact-checker, Meg Kelly, gave the former Vice President four Pinocchios, calling the clip a “blatant” misrepresentation of what President Trump said.

Kelly writes, At the 10-second mark, the camera shows a tight shot of the president saying “coronavirus” and then cuts to a wide shot where he says, “this is their new hoax.” Both clips are from Trump’s Feb. 28 campaign rally in North Charleston, S.C., but he never said: “coronavirus, this is their new hoax.” Rather, Biden’s ad clipped a large part of Trump’s speech to make it seem as though he had.

She still managed to insult the President. She wrote, Granted, Trump and members of his administration have played down the spread of the virus and falsely touted the strength of their response…

WaPo is always awful, but at least she called out Biden for the manipulated video. Kelly failed to mention that Biden has made the same claims in his speeches.

Twitter called an ad by the President’s campaign partially false last week when it was 100% truthful in accordance with a new policy. But they have no problem with the manipulated Biden ads. Here’s the ad in question and it’s on Twitter:


In another shocker, Andrew Cuomo thanked the administration.

New York will begin its first “drive-through” testing center for COVID-19 in New Rochelle, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office confirmed to CNBC on Friday.

Cuomo is touring the facility Friday morning, spokesman Will Burns said.

The number of confirmed cases in the state has reached 325 as of Thursday afternoon, according to the state’s official website. At least 148 of those cases are in Westchester County, where the city of New Rochelle is located.

Earlier this week Cuomo deployed the National Guard to New Rochelle and created a one-mile containment zone to assist with the outbreak.

He actually thanked the President and Vice President for making it happen quickly. This comes after his constant attacks on the President for his handling of the virus. And hell didn’t freeze over.

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John Vieira
John Vieira
3 years ago

The Main Sewer Stream Fake Media even when righting a wrong commit a wrong…these people are loathsome and despicable…

3 years ago

Under Joe Biden, The United States would become Venezuala’s twin.

3 years ago

Biden doesn’t know where is why he’s there what he running for and when the election is These are only 4 of the multitudinous gaffs he’s made. He promised to do what Trump has already done.. For the love of sanity put him in a home. His staff lies for him and the media wraps him in in a protective bubble. The DNC is playing him for a fool, only to replace him with his VP choice, if a gets the nomination. If the DNC party thinks the public is too stupid not to realize this demented old man is sick and past the point of no return; They need to to look in their cracked mirror and see their own evil reflection of Stupidity. Biden is a walking crisis looking for a place to crash. One can only revile in horror to think what would have happened if the hag were elected or Biden where. during this or any other crisis. We witnessed Benghazi when the Bitter ITCH was SOS and Joe was Obama’s VP.. Chaos and death .. America needs them like the plague they are, and what especially with what we are faced with now. Put these two old dogs in a kennel and Hill would be howling at the moon and Joe would be sniffing her ass and forgetting why. …. Thank God for Trump or we’d be a third world toxic dump.