Biden Cuts Lifesaving Monoclonal Antibodies to Texas


As with Florida, Biden has cut monoclonal antibodies and testing kits to Texas. Biden is doing this knowing it will kill people. His health “experts” are now saying most of the monoclonal antibodies don’t work against Omicron although they can’t know that yet and they do work against Delta which is still surging. Also, Texas just won another big suit against Biden’s vaccines and masks.

In New York, the Governor has mandated they can be given to white people with underlying conditions but to all non-whites regardless of underlying conditions because of racism.

Biden admitted there is no federal solution so he needs to drop the mandates.

Texas just beat Biden again on the vaccine and mask mandates for Head Start which were halted by a federal judge in Texas.

It’s an insane waste of money that states have to spend suing the comrades in the swamp.

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