Biden Degrowth Climate Plan Won’t Do Anything for the Climate


Joe Biden had high hopes for the G20 but China and Russia didn’t even bother to show up, and they won’t go to Glasgow for the climate summit. Why Biden thought they would is a mystery. They both said they’ll do something about their pollution about mid-century.

While Biden found himself spitting in the wind, The State of the Union was more interesting with Secretary of State Blinken exposing the insurmountable flaw in the Biden climate plan — it won’t do anything for the climate.

Antony Blinken admitted that they have no concessions from China. The communist nation skipped the COP26 climate summit and will continue to build coal power plants at a record pace.

There is nothing surprising here unless you are part of the Biden Regime. Then you’re shocked.

The US going to zero carbon emissions in nine-ten years will destroy the US’s energy sector and economy and it will make no difference in the earth’s temperature. The Biden Regime would have us return to a primitive way of life for no reason whatsoever since China, Russia, India will continue to build coal plants and pursue material and financial growth.


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